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26 January
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hi, i'm miri!

29-year-old Swedish girl from a small town. No family of my own yet, but have parents, two siblings and a niece. I like sunny weather, cute feminine clothes, furry animals and anything sweet to eat.

my life so far

Studied science in high school, media and communications at university, and Japanese at a language school in Tokyo. Spent my childhood with a book glued to my face at all times, my early teenage years learning webdesign and my later teenage years and early twenties travelling Europe for concerts (and meetings) with my favorite bands Hanson and Tokio Hotel. During my time in Tokyo I spent half of the time studying Japanese and the rest of the time spazzing over Johnny's idols, shopping, going out to karaoke and exploring the city. Now I'm back in Sweden, counting the days until the next time I can return to Tokyo.


Johnny's idols. Fantasy literature. Nakayama Yuma. Harry Potter. Hey! Say! JUMP. Lord of the Rings. Tackey & Tsubasa. Music. Concerts. The cuteness of Shori in Sexy Zone. Travelling. Shounen Club. Karaoke. PLAYZONE. Web design. Journaling. Jdrama. Foreign languages. Jpop. YabuHika. History. Yamada's smile. Japan.

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