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3-member Sexy Zone? For real?! T_T

My friend told me today she'd read in the news that Sexy Zone might get a change of members. That Kento, Shori and Fuma will be the only permanent members of the group, and that Marius and Sou might become irregular members, together with some others.

My initial reaction was: huh??
My second reaction was: Nooo!! T__T

Apparently it's not yet 100% certain that it will become like this, but since they've announced it like a possibility, there is, well, a possibility that it will happen.

I just can't keep quiet about it, because I'm so upset! How can they do something like that to Marius and Sou?! They let them have their debut with Sexy Zone, they're part of Sexy Zone! I get it that people get kicked out from a group for bad behavior (HSJ, KAT-TUN...), but kicking out people for no reason..? I can't see what Marius and Sou have done - or not done - to deserve this. They work just as hard as the other three. But for some reason they were suddenly placed in the back. They were given different-looking costumes, they were removed from performances, they were placed together with Sexy Boyz instead of the rest of Sexy Zone - both in performances and in goods and photos. I was upset at that, and my friends know how much I've complained about it.

But I kept hoping that they would soon become a complete group again, like when they started. I was very positive to the King&Queen&Joker song and PV, where Marius and Sou finally seemed to become more like real members again.

If I was upset before, that's nothing compared to how upset I am now! It's not fair! Not to Marius, not to Sou, not to the fans. Okay, so I'm not really a hardcore SZ fan, but I like them A LOT - which is saying much about the impression they've made on me since I didn't really like them just 2 years ago... The thing is, we like Sexy Zone JUST AS THEY ARE! We like them BECAUSE they are five members, and THOSE five members. Sexy Zone won't be the real Sexy Zone without Marius and Sou. No more FumaMarius teasing... T_T

This is just like as if Sexy Zone was a junior group. I've gotten used to the fact that junior groups are formed, re-arranged, erased... Even though it hurts sometimes, I know that's the way it is with juniors. But Sexy Zone is a real debuted group! They shouldn't be treated as juniors! Aaaah, I can't stand it!

Sorry for this rant, I just had to let it out. Even though Shori is my favorite, and Kento is a very close second, Sexy Zone won't be Sexy Zone without Marius and Sou... The five of them together is what makes Sexy Zone a group that I like. Oh, how I wished and hoped I would be able to go to one of their concerts again... And going to the Countdown concert the year when Marius finally would be allowed to participate with the rest of the group at midnight... Now it looks like that won't happen. T__T
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