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A.B.C-Z Twinkle x2 Star Tour - Yoyogi - April 28, 2013

I hadn't actually planned to go see A.B.C-Z on their Twinkle x2 Star Tour, but then I got the opportunity to see their first show in Yoyogi and I thought "why not?" I had already seen them once, in Johnnys' World, and I was curious to see more of their own songs and acrobatics. Even though I have my favorite groups, I like pretty much all of the younger groups and listen to all of them regularly. So I was looking forward to this show!

I arrived to the arena during the afternoon to buy the goods (only the pamphlet and penlight - my two must-have items on every concert!), then I met some friends in the Yoyogi park while I waited for the doors to open. When I went back to the arena I could be let in pretty soon - maybe because I waited for some time after the doors had opened so everyone who'd stood in line had already gone inside. Inside the doors were a lot of beautiful flowers that people had sent to A.B.C-Z.

My seat was pretty good. It was on the first floor (not arena floor), on the 14th row almost in the middle of the left side. To the left below me was the seats for the guests! Everything in the arena was so pretty. So many different colors, and there were stars everywhere! All along the runways on the sides of the arena were stands with stars in different colors, and giant swings with a huge star on top of them - two swings on each side of the arena and one in the middle. Before the show started they played the instrumental version of Twinkle Twinkle A.B.C-Z. They also showed the PV of that song, and commericals for Bad Boys J and J's Journey.

Right before the show started they showed a video of A.B.C-Z getting ready backstage. Then they made their entry on the center stage singing Za ABC~5stars~. So pretty in those golden costumes! Tottsu was wearing a black bandana though, which looked a bit weird, lol! I liked that they opened with this song, because it's one of my favorites, and I think many of the fans in the arena also like this song a lot because there was so much energy in the arena! Both from the group and from the fans. During the song, only Hasshi was raised even higher on the center stage because the middle of it could be raised higher than the rest. The other guys went out to the sides of the arena. Then Tsuka-chan did his first cool backflip and everyone cheered so loudly! They finished the song on the second stage.

Then they sang ずっとLOVE while walking around the arena, waving to fans. Hasshi and Tsuka-chan walked past me! Hasshi is my favorite (which you can see on the number of photos of him in this report...), so I got very excited every time I was close to my section! At the end of the song, every member said something to the fans. Tsuka-chan was so cute, even though all he said was "Let's have fun together!" - he just said it in such a cute way!

During the next song Freedom~溢れ出す想い~ they jumped into carts that ran along the second floor (which was above me). They were so close to me when they went past, because my seat was only three rows from the second floor! Kawai and Tottsu had changed outfits before this song, so when the other three left the stage they could stay in their carts. Kawai was on my side, but closer to the stage. The two of them did a game with all the penlights in the arena. Because there were five different colors the penlights could have (the members' colors) Kawai instructed us to light one color at a time. It looked cool when the whole arena was the same color. Then Kawai instructed different sections of the arena to have different colors. That looked even cooler! There was one red block, one blue block, one yellow, one pink and one purple. And Kawai was so funny during this part, because he instructed the block "above Kimura Takuya" to be purple, and the block "below Matsumoto Jun" to be red... (That was my block, by the way.) Everyone shouted "chigau!" ("you got it wrong!") when he said his senpais' names, but everyone also laughed. And Tsuka-chan, who had entered the stage, said something like "Aren't we all A.B.C-Z members?" With the arena lit up in different colors, they finished the song.

Then everyone entered the stage wearing red costumes. During A to Z they were dancing on the stairs that were at the back of the main stage. All of the back of the main stage was a huuuuuge staircase! During the show they had all sorts of light effects on these steps, and they also used them for dancing on several times. Then they sang Crush, and did some acrobatics. I was really really impressed by Tsuka-chans slow-mo backflips! I definitely started liking Tsuka-chan more and more during this concert. Both for his acrobatics, his cuteness and his energy! Then they went to the center stage and sang 砂のガラス. I really like that song.

The next song was one of my absolute favorites - 明日の為に僕がいる. It's soooo beautiful! For a while they were sitting on the swing around the arena. Hasshi was sitting on the one in the middle, and Goseki and Tottsu were sitting on the swings on my side. They finished the song a capella on the second stage, while Hasshi left the stage to change his outfit. The ending of the song was amazingly beautiful!

When Hasshi re-entered the stage he did so on the main stage, and he was wearing jeans, a white t-shirt, yellow hoodie and white jacket. A very smart-looking outfit, I must say. He sang his solo One by One, and it was so cool! The first part of the song he sang a capella, and the last word of it he sang without mic - but he sang so loudly that he could be heard in the whole arena! Then the music started and he sang the rest of the song. He was dancing partly in the stairs, and there were laser beams on the stage and everything. Before this concert I wasn't very fond of this kind of songs, but hearing One by One live was a turning point. It instantly became one of my favorite A.B.C-Z songs!

When the others entered the stage again, three of them wore black pants and orange jackets, but Kawai and Tsuka-chan wore blue costumes. They sang Crazy Accel, and ended up everyone on the center stage in the middle of the song. At the end of the song Tsuka-chan tried to kiss Hasshi, but he failed! Aww!

Next up was Tsuka-chans solo, 99%LIBERTY. He did some easier acrobatics during the song, but then he went to the second stage and got ready. Then he started doing backflips towards the main stage. And he just kept doing them. When he reached the main stage he'd done 17 backflips (I counted them)! 17!! That's just insane. (However, I later heard that he managed to do 21 backflips during the concert the next day.) Then he did some rope acrobatics on the main stage, swinging around in the air. When he landed on the stage again, there were some juniors who juggled with big cubes on the stage. I was so impressed by them! And there were so many juniors on the stage with him at the end! But the funniest thing was when at the end Tsuka-chan said "Kono kyoku wa 99% LIBERTY tte iunda kedo, LIBERTY tte toshokan janai kara na!" It's just that, toshokan is LIBRARY, not LIBERTY!

Kawai's corner was just...something to laugh at, really! He entered the stage wearing outrageous flower pants, white shirt, a knitted hat and sunglasses. He commented on the fact that our reaction to his appearance was "waaaah!" rather than "kyaaa!" With him were Masuda and Anderson, and they did this corner where everyone in A.B.C-Z would say something on the theme "Being cute when waking up". Kawai made Anderson go first, to show how it should be done, and he said "My left elbow" (in English) - everyone was like 'huh?' Goseki was very cute, saying "I beg of you, let me sleep just a little more. Just 10 more minutes". And Tsuka-chan just made some weird moaning sound, followed by shouting "Stop it~!". He explained it by saying he acted as if he were waking from a bad dream. But since he'd misunderstood (they were supposed to be cute, not weird), he asked for a second chance and got it, so he said " *mumble* I want to sleep more~nyan!" He was so cute! He asked for a third chance, but didn't get one... Kawai was the last one, and he tried being cool saying "Aishiteruyo" while taking off his sunglasses.

Then Kawai had a solo song too. He introduced it, telling us that he wrote it himself and it took him quite some time - 30 minutes! It turned out to be a song about all the prefectures of Japan! (都道府県47) And the chorus was just "Tokyo! Tokyo! To-to-to-Tokyo!" or something like that, and he was waving two penlights like crazy. It was so bad and so funny! Suddenly he disappeared, and Masuda och Anderson started looking for him. When he re-appeared he was wearing this hilarious purple leotard and a yellow cloth around his hips! OMG so ugly but hilarious!

Kawai went to change his outfit and everyone else entered the stage, wearing their Twinkle Twinkle outfits. They're sooo sparkly and shiny and pretty!! Love them! Anyway, they went by the guest section (which as I said before was to the left below me, so it was really close!) and suddenly said "Oh, isn't that Kis-My-Ft2?" Apparently I wasn't the only one being happy about this, because everyone screamed like craaazyyyy. Even though I was seated close to them, it was difficult to see them from behind, because there was this wall behind them kind of hiding them from my view, but now they got the camera on them all so I could see them on the screens. I was so happy!!

But they quickly went on to sing Twinkle Twinkle A.B.C-Z. The first part was a capella. Hasshi was first, then Kawai, and Tottsu sang the last part of the a capella. Unfortunately, Tottsu was quite out of tune so it didn't sound very good. Stuff like that happens though. Anyway, I love this song a lot, I've loved it since the first time I saw them perform it on television! They were standing all along the center runway, with mic stands in their member colors.

They did so funny things for their individual parts here. Kawai did the 'head tower' of Kis-My-Ft2 (you know, during Kis-Your-Mind) with Masuda and Anderson. Hasshi just danced around for a bit with his juniors. Tottsu crouched down and attempted to take both his juniors on his back, but he ended up falling down on the floor with both of them on top.

Next was Attraction! during which they walked around the arena throwing signed balls into the audience. I love this song too! At the end of the song, they climbed onto the huge star wheel on the second stage and spinned around and around there for a while. Then there was the MC section. They almost immediately went over to the guest section and introduced all the guests. They were Sakamoto from V6, the junior Miyachika, everyone from Kis-My-Ft2 except Miyata, and Shori from Sexy Zone!! I couldn't believe how lucky I was! Shori was so very cute, saying "I'm Sato Shori from Sexy Zone! I love A.B.C-Z!" Kawai talked a little with him, and Shori announced the new single Real Sexy which will include the song from Bad Boys J. Then Kawai went on to talk to the members of Kis-My-Ft2. Nika shouted his name, he's so cute! Then there were Yokoo, Senga... Fujigaya looked as if he was in a bad mood, and Kawai asked him why. Sadly I didn't really catch his reply, but it was something about Tsuka-chan... They talked for a while more, then Kawai went on to Tama. Everyone was shouting his name so loudly! He didn't say much. When Kawai went over to Kitayama, he was looking at a DVD with Sakamoto and said something like "Hey, we're busy!" when Kawai got close and stood up. Then Kawai said "You really are short!", to which Kitayama replied "You're one to talk!" and they started comparing lengths. In the end they seemed to be the same height, but Kitayama said "it's just that your face is longer"... Then there was something about 'ikemen' which I couldn't catch. But suddenly they started discussing 'ikemen', and Fujigaya said "No, ikemen are over here (pointing at himself and Tama), we're beginners (walking over to stand beside Kitayama and they put their heads together)." I thought it was very funny, even though I hadn't watched those dramas they referred to... At the end Kawai talked very politely to Sakamoto for a moment.

The MC went on for some time after they talked to the guests as well. They talked about things like the signed balls they were throwing earlier, and the J's Journey they did through Australia. They were surprised that the whole day they were working in the zoo ended up being such a short part of the broadcasted episode of the TV show! Tsuka-chan made everyone promise to watch the show during the original broadcast, because then it would feel as if we were all watching it together! Kawai also announced that they will perform a brand-new song during the Hey! Say! JUMP concerts in Tokyo Dome! Suddenly at the end of the MC, Miyata also appeared in the guest section! So Kawai ran over there to talk to him, and Miyata took the chance to announce his upcoming butai Kifushamuguni no bouken.

After the MC was Tottsu's solo 君といた. He was playing the guitar while singing, and wore a cowboy hat... The song was okay. The fun thing about the song was that he changed the lyrics of the beginning of the song, singing about the members of Kis-My-Ft2! It was really cute, something about Fujigaya having longer bangs the last time they performed together, Nika having become a grown-up, Tama being a very handsome guy, and so on. After him, Goseki performed his solo breakout. I personally liked Goseki's solo better than Tottsu's. It was rockier, kind of. And cooler, with laser and a cool costume. At the end he went to the main stage and danced there, and behind him were like laser outlines of him that copied his movements. That was really cool! And what I really liked about the solo corners was that most of the fans actually changed the color of their penlights to the color of the member who sang his solo. I thought that was very kind and special of the fans to do!

Then everyone entered the stage again, wearing the neon costumes. They performed STAR SEEKER (and I think they did sign language during the first part of the song?) and then the first half of A.B.C-Z while dancing on and around chairs. In the middle of the song they switched to ボクラ~LOVE & PEACE~ and I can't even begin explaining how much I love this song! Especially after this concert, it gives me goosebumps every time I hear it now because it was so beautiful. They had this ball they went up into the air in. Hasshi and Tottsu was standing on top of it, the others were on the sides or inside it, and the ball was spinning and spinning and spinning. And they put out the lights, so we could see the neon stripes on their costumes while they were spinning around. Right at the end there were fireworks from the ceiling behind them, like a shower - it was so beautiful! Then they went back down on the stage and sang the second half of A.B.C-Z.

After this was a junior corner. The juniors (apparently including Sexy Boyz, during whose performence the audience went wild) performed a medley of らいおんハート, Will, Don't Stop Sexy Boyz and サンキュー. Then A.B.C-Z entered the stage again, singing LET'S SING A SONG. After the song they started the giant swing contest! Each of them was strapped securely in a giant swing - they were standing up and their feet were firmly fastened to the swing, and they had like ropes around their arms and so on. But even though it was very secure, it still looked very dangerous! Apparently Kawai also thought so... He was the one who started. They were supposed to gain enough speed to be able to spin around in a full loop. But Kawai only got halfway before he started screaming "kowai! kowai" and stopped. The others did it two at a time, Goseki against Tottsu and Hasshi against Tsuka-chan. Every time someone got close to the top, the fans screamed because it looked so scary and dangerous! But only Tsuka-chan managed to do the full loop, even though Hasshi was really close too. And then when they got back down on the stage, Tsuka-chan tried to kiss Hasshi again...

Next was OPEN YOUR HEART while they made their way to the main stage. Then was another Hasshi solo - 限界メーター. He was wearing the pink and black/white checkered costume that I like so much! After his solo the other members joined him and they sang Vanilla! It's one of those songs that easily get stuck in my head, and I think the lyrics are hilarious! Well, not all of the lyrics, but the English parts... The performance was great as usual though. It was followed by Desperado, and that performance was awesome! There was smoke, and fireworks, and it was just awesome!

Then they sang a medley of some songs: InaZuma★Venus, サヨナラBOX, 恋に落ちたボディガード, HIGHER! FLY! and Naked. I was a little sad that they didn't sing all of 恋に落ちたボディガード because it's one of my favorite songs. In the beginning of the medley they were going around in carts among the audience, both on the arena floor and along the second floor (again, right behind me). This time I was so lucky, because Hasshi went past me in his cart! He was so close! And he's so tall and handsome! During Naked everyone changed outfits, to the beautiful white/silver costumes. And then they ended the concert with Dream~5つの願い~. I still get goosebumps when I think about it! It's one of the most beautiful songs ever!! Like, ever!!! And I could never dream of getting to hear it live like this, but I did! The guys thanked the fans for coming to the show and hoped that we had enjoyed it. Then during the end of the song, there were laser beams behind them, my eyes got all teary because of all the beauty. And when I thought it couldn't get any more beautiful - they released glitter confetti all over the arena! After they thanked the juniors and did the A.B.C-Z call with the fans, they left the stage.

We started shouting for encore, and they gave us 孤独のRUNAWAY. That made me so happy, another favorite A.B.C-Z song for me! And they went over to the guest seats and made Shori and the members of Kis-My-Ft2 join them and the juniors while they walked around the whole arena over and over again, waving to the fans while singing. I had some very vocal junior fans close to me... And I waved like crazy at Shori when he walked past me! Getting to see Kis-My-Ft2 so close was also a nice surprise. Fujigaya is really handsome! I never thought I'd admit that, but I just have to... Tama is very cute, and Kitayama really is short!

Anyway, they all stopped on the main stage, and I think it was Kawai who introduced all the guests again. Then suddenly he said "Since we're all here, we should do something together, right?" and everyone started screaming and being very excited. And then they sang DAYBREAKER!! A.B.C-Z and Kis-My-Ft2 together! Fujigaya and Hasshi held their arms around each other during almost the whole song! It was so cute! And during the chorus when they were on the center stage, Fujigaya put his hand on Hasshi's shoulder for the whole chorus. It was the first time I heard this song, and I was so happy to hear it like this for my first time! It couldn't have been more perfect, really!

I enjoyed this concert a lot. I already knew that A.B.C-Z have many good songs, and that they are good at acrobatics - but wow, it was amazing to see a whole A.B.C-Z concert. They really know how to do a show! And their acrobatic skills will never cease to amaze me!

Set List

01. Za ABC~5stars~
02. ずっとLOVE
03. Freedom~溢れ出す想い~
04. A to Z
05. Crush
06. 砂のガラス
07. 明日の為に僕がいる
08. One by One (Hasshi solo)
09. Crazy Accel
10. 99%LIBERTY (Tsuka-chan solo)
11. 都道府県47 (Kawai solo)
12. Twinkle Twinkle A.B.C-Z
13. Attraction!
14. 君といた (Tottsu solo)
15. breakout (Goseki solo)
17. A.B.C-Z (first half)
18. ボクラ~LOVE & PEACE~
19. A.B.C-Z (second half)
Jr. corner medley:
20a. らいおんハート
20b. Will
20c. Don't Stop Sexy Boyz
20d. サンキュー
23. 限界メーター (Hasshi solo)
24. Vanilla
25. Desperado
26a. InaZuma★Venus
26b. サヨナラBOX
26c. 恋に落ちたボディガード
26e. Naked
27. Dream~5つの願い~
28. 孤独のRUNAWAY
29. DAYBREAKER (with Kis-My-Ft2)
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