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24 September 2012 @ 09:58 pm
So I can't help it anymore  
I have finally realized that yes, I do need a place where I can talk about my Johnny's boys however much I feel like and need to. Even though I already have a blog, I don't really want to fill it with random kyaaa~ posts whenever I find something to spazz about or when I come home from a concert being all hyped up about it.

So, I will start using this space for that! :D And I will begin by saying - wow, Tackey & Tsubasa really looked good on Hey!Hey!Hey! tonight! As always.

And I'm still trying to sort out all of my impressions from the two Takitsuba concerts I went to yesterday in Nagoya. Especially the first concert feels kind of blurry since me and my friend had seats soooo close to the stage (6th row) and I've never been that close to Takitsuba during a concert before! Just the memory of Tsubasa's hip movements makes my head feel slightly dizzy - and I'm a Takki fan! XDDD Both of them were amazing though, and soooo cute together during both concerts. I feel so lucky to have seen them four times in one month! O_O Which reminds me that I have a lot of con reports to finish... Yeah, I will get around to it as soon as possible. Writing reports when I should study for exams is not preferable, unfortunately... But I will finish the reports, I promise! ^_^