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10 June 2013 @ 12:01 am
Week in the life of Miri, day 7  
1) You must take between 6 and 8 new photos per day
2) Your WitL posts must be consecutive, no skipping days
3) You must post your photos at the end of that day, sometime after the last picture is taken
4) Each photo must have the time taken beneath and a title, with no other explanation

It's the last day of this meme! Wow, where did time go? I didn't see it run past me... Anyway, on to the photos from today!

Uh, yeah. More laundry.

Studying kanji, those nasty little things!

Shibuya! Love this place! Time for some shopping, yay!

Finally found a café with an empty seat... Relaxed with an iced cocoa before I did my homework.

Preparing my sister's birthday gift!

Dinner! My own version of yakisoba.

And that's all for this time. I might do this again some day, or maybe I'll change it slightly and do my own version of it. It was fun at least!