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Tackey & Tsubasa 10th Anniversary Japan Tour - Nagoya - September 23, 2012

Me and J-chan both applied for the Nagoya concert, just in case it would be difficult to get tickets. It turned out it was - but they added a second concert on the same day and we won tickets for one concert each! I took the night bus from Tokyo to Nagoya and arrived early in the morning. Unfortunately it was raining a lot, so I decided to not go outside for sightseeing (there's only so much sightseeing you can do when it's raining anyway) but stayed at the centralstation. By noon I met up with J-chan at the concert hall, and the weather was slightly better, fortunately!

Before the first concert we wrote messages on the big fan message board for Tackey & Tsubasa. I wrote something about them belonging together and that I will always support them. Then we went inside and found our seats - they were on the right-hand side, CLOSE to the stage! Then we decided to look for our seats for the second concert - they were rather many rows back but still okay. We returned to our seats and spent the rest of the waiting time admiring the two debut photos on each side of the stage (Takki to the left, Tsubasa to the right) and the stage itself, which was red and silver. On the screen above the stage the golden logo was swirling around and around, and before the second concert they played a few songs. One of them was 恋よ, which made me very happy since I love that song!

The lights were turned off and they showed a video where the words "Tackey & Tsubasa 10th Anniversary Japan Tour" were flying around. Then 4U turned up in different places during the intro of REAL DX, the stairs in the middle of the stage parted to the sides and revealed Takki and Tsubasa in a cloud of smoke. There were silver glitter, green spotlights and amazing dancing! That's kind of what I remember from this song... In the solo dance part, Tsubasa was wild! He was doing all kinds of sexy moves and grabbing his crotch and everything, waah! I think this song gets better and better each time I listen to it live - and with this kind of dancing to accompany it... wow! And it ended with some fireworks.

The next song was 夢物語 and they brought out micstands and switched sides, so Takki came to our side. It was so sexy when they took off their jackets before this song! But Tsubasa had some trouble getting his off during the first concert... Beneath the jacket, Tsubasa wore a shiny black tanktop and a black cardigan with long sleeves. Takki wore a black...t-shirt? Shirt? My memory fails me... I think I was looking too much at Tsubasa...

Then they sang Venus. I don't remember a lot more than Tsubasa's hips... And that I actually manage to do the complete furitsuke without any trouble at all, yay!

The next song was one of my favorites! 山手線外回り! They did the train-thing too and when Takki and Tsubasa met in the middle of the stage, Takki looked at Tsubasa and started laughing. It was so cute, and I have no idea why he laughed at all! They also sang a verse about the train stations in Nagoya.

It was time for a new song! Everyone grabbed a penlight and did the new furitsuke to the new song T&T Anniversary. And they were rapping! Tsubasa started with his verse about Takki, and he took a few steps up onto the stairs before he mentioned things like Hachioji, kabuki, and so on. Then when it was Takki's turn to rap about Tsubasa, he went even higher up onto the stairs - and during the second concert he sat down and really spread his legs, lol! He mentioned PLAYZONE, Spain and a few other things. 4U also got their own verse, about SHOCK and PLAYZONE. And finally we, the fans, got a verse too. They had a part with melody as well, and parts of the song were in English. I actually like this song better than 愛してるぜT&T... And it was easier to shout Tsubasa's name in this one.

Then there was a very short MC when they thanked us for coming and said something about that their fans are very quick at learning new furitsuke. Cue, ぱぴぷぺぽやっぽAlright! And people can say whatever they want to about it, but that song has to have the funniest furitsuke ever! The start is like, half of the Swedish "bird dance" that you do in elementary school... But it is fun, and easy! And the stairs behind them were changing colors all the time, it was really beautiful! And the song has this fun lalala part for the fans to sing...

Then they went off the stage and the 24h Cosme CM was shown on the screen, both versions of it. Then Takki and Tsubasa returned, wearing red scarves for 小悪魔ジュリエット. And I couldn't tear my eyes off of Tsubasa! Yes, Takki is my favorite member, but when Tsubasa is in THIS mood when he's dancing, you just CAN'T STOP watching him! So much sexy dancing, so high and long steps, so much rolling hips, so much sexy teasing caressing - I went kyaa~ more than once, I tell you!

The next song was 裸のMIND. Such a good live song, I loved it!! And then they sang Number One, Only One. I didn't like it so much when I listened to the album to be honest - okay, it was good, but not among my favorites - but it was really good live!

After this they showed a video which was a compilation of clips from their junior days until their debut, and animated Takki and Tsubasa were talking and discussing the video. They introduced the video with the words that they wanted to roll back time for a bit, then we watched the video and they commented on things like that they were so young and childish at that time...

Then Takki and Tsubasa entered the stage again, on the topmost part of it, wearing the white clothes they wore at the beginning of the anniversary events in Tokyo Dome, I think? Anyway, they sang True Heart, and halfway through the song they started descending down the stairs, one at a time, and for each step they took white spotlights along the stairs' steps were lit up. It was so beautiful! And when they reached the chorus again the two stairs were moving towards the center of the stage until Takki and Tsubasa were standing right next to each other at the end of the song.

The next song came as a kind of surprise for me but also made me so happy since it is one of my favorites from the Hatachi album - The World Will Never Forget. Takitsuba wearing white costumes, standing in spotlights, right in front of me, singing this beautiful song. Waah!

But then it was time for a more upbeat song again: 空のスクリーン. Takki stayed on my side during this song too! After a while he went all the way to the right along the wall as well. They turned on the lights again and I could see him gazing out over the audience (and no, I didn't look at Tsubasa at all during this time...). He gave his towel to a lucky girl in frontrow.

Then it was Takitsuba talkshow, ie. MC time. At the very beginning of the MC during the first concert, there was someone who shouted "HUG!" Eventually, Takki and Tsubasa couldn't ignore it any longer, but started playing with words... "Habu? (apparently some kind of dangerous snake) Do you like those?" Then they started talking about "haguki" (tooth ridge), and Takki made this most adorable beaver face! While Tsubasa said they would check everyone's teeth and tooth ridges, we just had to line up! But then Takki said it was enough...

They chatted for a while, then started talking about the recording of the Kaigen CM. Apparently the staff had commented that Takki is one of the best in all of Japan at flying. But Tsubasa said he was flying so slowly in the CM - but Takki said the staff wanted it to be like that. Tsu: But what about the weird cone thingy then? Did he really want to wear it? Takki said it was lying on the table when he arrived, so he put it on and they took photos, and then changed the cone's size to make it shorter, more pointy, and so on. Tsubasa of course had to comment the smile at the end of the CM and say that the whole CM seemed more comical than serious, to which Takki heatedly responded that it was really serious! And that he had recorded the CM at the same time as he performed his kabuki, so he was in "butai no moudo". So Tsubasa promised that the next time he watches the CM, he will watch it thinking it's a serious CM... But then he wondered why there are two Takki in the CM? "You are already 30! You should understand! That shows the image of the medicine," was the answer he got. During this section, Tsubasa earned his fair share of "IMAI-SAN!!" from a very bothered Takki, while Tsubasa himself looked soooo pleased with himself. We also got to know they would record another CM together, but we got no details.

Then they called for 4U to join them, and they wore cones on their heads because they had taken the medicine and the cones grew out of their heads..? Or something like that... Takki explained that it shouldn't be that way! So they removed the cones. Matsuzaki re-entered the stage and did something, maybe he sang something weird? I don't remember exactly. But all of the others started moving away from him. Only Tsubasa remained in the end, but then he started backing off and the others called for him, "kochi kochi, Tsubasa-kun!", so he joined them and left Matsu alone...

At some point during the MC, Tsubasa also commented on the way Takki was standing. He was holding his one hand under his other elbow, and Tsubasa wondered why? Takki said it was to support the elbow. All the fans went "awwwwww!" so he hurriedly said that his arm was okay! and started swinging it around - whereupon Tsubasa said that it looked girlish...

During the MC of the second concert they also talked about that concerts are really good excercise opportunities! Takki said something about fans losing 3 kg of weight from dancing at Takitsuba concerts, or something like that? So someone said that Takizawa-sama is the best personal trainer! And then they told about how they had gone out in Nagoya the night before, eating and drinking, and that Tsubasa had gotten so drunk and kawaii. He couldn't walk in a straight line - but I think he did that on purpose just for having Takki help him around... And when he went to the bathroom, he apparently did the sign for "now I'm gone!" instead of saying that he was off to the bathroom, lol!

After the MC they sang 絆も奇跡もここにある which I love so much! The pictures shown on the screen in the background of the two of them, and the song itself, and them singing this ultimate love song... Kyaa! Then there was the 4U corner where they were only dancing and doing a lot of cool moves - and they finished by going up the topmost part of the stage and jump off of it. I love 4U so much!

Takki and Tsubasa returned and performed Pride the END and Queen of R, and after that they did a duo debut medley of Get Down and キ・セ・キ in really fast tempo! I loved hearing those songs in a completely different version from what we're used to!

The next song was カミラタマラ and during this song the staff put up cymbals on extended stands so they were very high. The first two from 4U just punched their cymbals normally, Tsubasa took of his hat and head-butted his one. Takki kicked his cymbal, making the whole stand and everything fall to the ground. The next member of 4U also kicked his cymbal, and then Matsu broke his cymbal (fake one). I tried watching the laughing Takki and Tsubasa at the same time as I watched Matsu who desperately tried to fix his broken cymbal... lol!

Then they sang a hit medley consisting of One Day, One Dream, セレナーデ, 仮面, Ho!サマー, x-ダメ- and SAMURAI, before they sang 愛はタカラモノ, held short thank you-speeches and ended the show with Epilogue. I felt kind of sad about some of the songs in the medley, that I didn't get to hear the full version (like Ho!サマー) but I was also happy that I got to hear anything of them at all. And the full version of 愛はタカラモノ was the most important, and that they sang Epilogue!

The first encore was 土壇場DREAMER! They entered the stage wearing boxer outfits and boxer gloves. I loved Takki's outfit! They didn't sing a lot during this song, but were mostly just... boxing. They had some warming up, then air boxing, then were supposed to go into a match against each other - but ended up mostly boxing the members of 4U when they were in the way, or just too close in general, lol! And 4U were the targets for the toughest hits, while both Takki and Tsubasa were much nicer towards each other...

Then they sang both Hey Now! (but the performance in Yokohama in April is still the best one) and Journey Journey (and they released streamers during this one). I love both of these songs and was so happy they added them as encores! Then, I wrote in my notes that Tsubasa slapped himself some time during the encore? Unfortunately I don't have any memory of that any longer, and that's so sad! That is one memory I would have loved to remain. ;__;

The second encore was WonderlanDream. As if they could have skipped that one... And Takki couldn't let Tsubasa be the teasing one the whole time, but also tugged at his own t-shirt at the end of this song... And during the second concert, he actually took his t-shirt off completely, yay! And then (at the second concert) we got a third encore: Crazy Rainbow. That one is always so much fun, love it!

I wanted to write song by song how fantastic Tsubasa's dancing was during these two concerts, but he was soooo amazing all the time! Especially during the first half of the first concert, he was sooo on fire it was unbelievable! I don't think I've ever seen him like that before! The energy was just not glowing but streaming from him. And he made Takki laugh so much! I love him for that. And I love his amazing hair! The haircut he's got now... Long, falling freely to his shoulders, fluffy and wavy... I didn't mind the mustache this time, because the hair was so lovely!

And Takki is always an amazing and wonderful human being! His face when Tsubasa teases him and is unstoppable. His smile when Tsubasa says something funny, his laughter when Tsubasa says something even funnier. I am so happy that I got the opportunity to see these concerts! And that I got to see them that close-up during the first concert, it was amazing! Let's end this report with a really cute Takki!

02. 夢物語
03. Venus
04. 山手線外回り
05. T&T Anniversary
Short MC
06. ぱぴぷぺぽやっぽAlright!
07. 小悪魔ジュリエット
08. 裸のMIND
09. Number One, Only One
10. True Heart
11. The World Will Never Forget
12. 空のスクリーン
13. 絆も奇跡もここにある
14. Pride the END
15. Queen of R
16. Debut song medley: Get Down / キ・セ・キ
17. カミラタマラ
18. Hit song medley: One Day, One Dream / セレナーデ / 仮面 / Ho!サマー / x-ダメ- / SAMURAI
19. 愛はタカラモノ
20. Epilogue
Encore 1
21. 土壇場DREAMER
22. Hey Now!
23. Journey Journey
Encore 2
24. WonderlanDream
Encore 3 (second concert)
25. Crazy Rainbow
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