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Tackey Summer Concert - Hachioji - August 12, 2012

I was lucky enough to be able to go to two of Takki's summer concerts last year. The first one on the tour, and the one in Hachioji - Takki's hometown. And I'm so freakin' happy I could go to Hachioji, because there I had the craziest Takki moment ever in my life so far!

Me and my friends had seats on the first balcony, not in the center but slightly to the right. But since the hall was kind of small we still had a very good view of the stage. There was no center stage or back stage this time, only the front/main stage in front of all of us.

They played the intro to MADONNA, and then the American voice asked us if we were ready to have fun. "Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the Tackey Summer Love Concert 2012 in Hachiouji! Is everybody happy? Are you ready? We will spread our love all over Japan! Love love love love! Hachiouji boy!" Then MADONNA started for real, and Takki was shot into the air from the upper level stage. Snow Man appeared from both sides of the stage and danced in the stairs, which were sliding between the center and the sides of the stage.

Then there was Words of Love, complete with fire and explosion effects of course. I love the dance for this song! And the lighting was very nice on this one too. After that, it was 894...ハクシ... Silver streamers were released over the first floor audience. During this song, all the dancers were introduced. While Snow Man had their little rap part I mostly looked at Takki, though, because he was really rockin'! At the end of the song he took of his jacket and pretended to throw it into the audience, but then he held onto it a little longer so it ended up landing at the back of the stage instead.

There was a short interlude when 愛革命 was played while there was text on the screens. First, there was just a message about the anniversary events in Tokyo Dome in September. Then we were told to scream "kyaa~!", then "Takki suki~!" and lastly "Tsubasa suki~!"

Then it was time for CRAZY GIRL and DETROIT. There was no sports car on the stage like in Yoyogi. Instead, Takki was sitting in a black sofa. I still liked DETROIT this time, but for some reason not as much as when I heard it in Yoyogi? I don't know... I'm kinda jealous of the girls during DETROIT though - or maybe not! They were really doing some sexy dancing soooo close to Takki... Anyway, it was so nice because on the wall between the upper level stage and the main stage there was a small screen where they sometimes showed the lyrics of the songs - and I can remember they did so during CRAZY GIRL.

So it was time for an MC part. Takki was talking about how happy he was to finally hold a concert in Hachioji, and then he asked how many of us actually came from Hachioji. Only a few people raised their hands, most fans had travelled from afar, and he thanked everyone for coming. Then he mentioned the Tackey & Tsubasa anniversary album which would be released in September.

The next song was 12月の花 and he started by telling us the history of the song - he wrote it for a friend's wedding many years ago. It's such a beautiful song, and this act was so beautiful as well. One guy was sitting on the left side of the stage, playing the piano, and Takki was standing in the middle of the stage with a spotlight on him. In the middle of the song, a dancer dressed in white appeared on the upper level stage and he eventually made his way to the main stage, where he finished the act alone since Takki left the stage as soon as he had finished singing. By the way, Takki didn't have a tattoo on his arm this time, but a wide silvery arm band instead.

A guy from Snow Man got some spotlight time again - literally. He was dancing solo around the stage, up and down the stairs as well, and they had spotlights in different colors which made his clothes change color, too. There was green and yellow and red, purple too, I think, but I don't remember the correct order of the colors... Anyway, then Takki joined him on the stage, wearing his bronze tanktop and orange jacket and pants. They performed FIGHT ALL NIGHT together, while the rest of Mis Snow Man were dancing at the back of the stage. I loved the intro to this! I loved the dance! So much hips~~!! During the song, the two stairs had been put together to one larger staircase in the middle of the stage, and Takki and this other guy used it for their dance. At the end, Takki went up to the upper level stage where he danced with two of the female dancers, while Snow Man stayed on the main stage.

Then they performed 愛 Check It! which I love, and I think the furitsuke is fun as well. Or rather, I'm so happy that I got the chance to experience the older Tackey & Tsubasa songs even though I wasn't around at that time. At the end of the song they turned off the lights, and Takki's clothes were luminous! The two girls wore luminous scarves and the other guys brought out their luminous masks, and this part of the show was just as awesome as when I saw it the first time.

Then everyone disappeared off the stage and we watched the video about tough Souchou who ended up being not so tough when he ran into a cute girl at school (to the background music of Heartful Voice) - but ended up almost kissing a guy dressed as a girl instead... When the video ended, the real Souchou entered the hall - in the middle of the audience! He was standing on a box/whatever in the middle of the first floor, then he jumped down and went back and forth, looking at the audience in the back of the hall and then at the audience on the balconies. Then he turned around and looked at the audience in the front of the hall, before he started walking around among them! He pushed his way along the rows, this way and that way, until he finally ended up on the stage. I was soooo jealous of those who had seats in those rows, because they got to touch him for real!

Anyway, he was joined by Snow Man on the stage, and they all acted as reporters. He got a few questions (to which the reply was always "betsu ni" or complete silence), and if I'm not mistaken, he once again got the question if he would now stop liking the color pink since he's 30 years old - and that reporter got the cold stare of death... After a while, they introduced the guests of the evening - 4U! I can't even tell you how much I adore 4U, they are sooo funny and amazing! Anyway, they joined Takki and Snow Man on the stage, and Matsu had put a silver streamer around his head. It looked really funny, but then, it was Matsu... All four of them got to introduce themselves and then they all chatted for a bit before singing 愛革命. And then, Souchou had to graduate from being Souchou... First, he removed his coat. Then, he tried removing the wig but failed, so he took off his sunglasses instead. All of a sudden, a cellphone started ringing. Souchou answered in a not-at-all-tough hushed voice, and quickly hung up. It was so random, haha! Eventually, he managed to remove his wig as well. They all sang With Love together, and then Takki hurriedly and "crying" left the stage after he looked one last time at the pile of Souchou clothes at his feet...

A short while later he appeared again, now wearing a red-and-black shirt over his black tanktop. They performed HEY! LISTEN TO THE MUSIC and 山手線外回り. In this hall there was no possibility of going along the balconies, so he stayed on the stage during all of those songs. It was so funny and cute during 山手線外回 because they did the choo choo train thing all around the stage!

After that, there was another MC part with Takki and Snow Man. Takki once again talked a little about Hachioji, that it has changed a lot since he was born. And then he made the different floors cheer. After this, he let the members of Snow Man introduce themselves and talk a little, while making fun of them...

So, the time came for The Lottery! The big lottery, where the prize was to join Takki on the stage, where he would sing you a love song and give you a hug. Everyone held their breaths, but I let mine out when he said "first floor"... Then I almost choked - from trying not to laugh too much - when the winner stood up. It was a guy. Yes, I know that both Takki and Tsubasa have many male fans, but that a guy would actually be chosen in a lottery like this? And in Hachioji of all places! Ah, the irony! And the luck, I guess, since no one would have to be jealous of "that lucky girl who got the love song in Hachioji"! XD

Anyway, Takki read the seat number, the guy stood up and started making his way to the stage - and Takki was soooo startled! I don't know if I would call him shocked, but yeah, very startled at least! The dancers quickly led this guy to the chair where the lucky winner was supposed to sit, and the audience was kyaaa~~ing and shouting and laughing, and the guy was just sitting their with a straight face. And Takki was kind of half laughing, and half trying to think his way out of this... Saying that usually he would sing this love song to a girl, but the audience kept kyaaa~~ing, so he went over to the guy and asked some questions. He asked for his name, and who he was there with (the guy was there with his mother), and his age. And when Takki heard that this guy was just 15, he asked him to stand up - and the guy was like a head taller than Takki!

Then Takki started preparing for the song, because there was no way we were letting him out of this... The winner would get his song, and that's that! But the look on Takki's face while he was preparing to sing the beautiful love ballad もう君以外愛せない to this teenage guy, it was priceless! He started, but after just a few moments he had to stop, he said something to the audience which I didn't manage to catch, and then he laughed a little before he started singing again from the beginning. And this time he succeeded well enough! He even went over to the guy at one point, putting his hand on the guy's shoulder and then patting his head! At the end of the song, the guy was led to the back of the stage so he stood in front of the screen. The screen now showed an orange sunset, and the lighting changed so the guy ended up as a silhouette against the screen. Takki joined him, they shook hands, the guy got a big hug - and then they closed the opening in the wall...

The next song was No Control with Snow Man, and it was just as awesome as last time. After their performance, Takki entered the stage with a suitcase in his hand. He walked across the whole stage until he arrived at a small table where he put down the suitcase. And then it was so funny, because there was this creaking sound effect of him opening it before he even touched it! So he took a step backwards, looking very surprised, but then he really opened the suitcase and the sound effect was there. And out of the suitcase, Takki pulled: his pink Hawaii shirt (it's got a huge kirakira pink star on the back!) and pink pom poms. It's time for 気まぐれJET! But he didn't start before he had looked around, making sure that everyone in the hall (including 4U) was ready with their pom poms! Have I ever mentioned how much I looooove this song live? It's probably one of my favorite Takki songs ever, it's just so much fun! And this particular performance was particularly fun, since at one point Takki lay down on the floor on his stomach, rested on his elbows, then rested his chin on his pom poms, and was kicking his legs back and forth, looking like a school girl! The others joined him, so they all lay on the floor in a row, kicking their legs. It was soooo cute!

Then Takki changed to a big blue pom pom instead and they performed 愛はタカラモノ, which is one of my favorite Tackey & Tsubasa songs ever! (Do I say that a lot? Well, there are a lot of songs that I really, really love! ^.^' ) Then they performed ホッサマー with a few extra ingredients... Have I mentioned that I love hips? Well, Takki gave us some hip movements in this one, especially at the end when he and a few of the others lined up facing the stage, and wiggled their butts in our direction... Totally in time with the music, of course! Then they sang 夢物語 but then I put away my pom poms and danced without them. I loved how they did a new variant of the rockin' out part during the middle of the song - they lay down on the floor, on their backs, and kicked with their legs... It looked really funny!

The next song was One Day One Dream, which is very special to me since it was one of the first Tackey & Tsubasa songs I ever heard all those years ago. But it felt so weird to hear only Takki's voice and not Tsubasa's. Of course, that was the case with all the Tackey & Tsubasa songs, but it was even more evident during this song.

The audience cheered for the next song, it was REAL DX. This performance was so beautiful! The song itself is great, and then the dance and the lighting. Awesome! Then he performed シャララ and I still have trouble with the dance/furitsuke for that one... I know all the other furitsuke, or am able to catch on during the shows, but this one is difficult... But I love the song - and the dance!!

Takki said a few words, thanking us for tonight, before he sang the "last" song . It was the only song during this evening that made me teary-eyed. It's just so beautiful, and it was the song that made me love Takki as much as I do. We didn't get the rain of glitter at this show, but it was so beautiful to see him standing there in the spotlight, dressed all in white. When the song ended, the music played again but faster this time, while Takki thanked us again and waved goodbye, while the foam bows were released over the audience. Takki walked up the stairs to the upper level stage and there he stood for a while, waving, and then he disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

And then it was the audience's turn - time to call him back! As usual, it didn't take long before all of us were calling out of sync... And it also didn't take long before Takki joined us again for the encore! He joined us as Taki Ranger - wearing his pink LOVE helmet, and again giving us some niiice hip movements during 愛の戦士滝レンジャー...

Then there was the ero dance! Takki took off his helmet and put on the hat with the word LOVE on the side. On of the guys from Snow Man started playing the drums, and after a while Takki started dancing to the beat. Then another guy from Snow Man appeared and started dancing - but his shoes were making these weird moaning sounds! So he and Takki tested the shoes for a while. They changed shoes with each other, and they were moaning for Takki as well. So he took them off and threw them back to the other guy, who threw them back to Takki - who didn't want the shoes in his spotlight circle, so he threw them back at the guy again. After a while, they started dancing again, and some of the other guys appeared on the upper level stage. This part of the show ended with Takki showing off his hips a few more times and lifting his t-shirt eeeever so slightly... Tease~!

The last two songs of this encore were ひと夏の and 瞳をとじて, and Takki was given a big green pom pom ひと夏の has so much energy! And I think it was sometime during any of these songs that Takki stood in the middle of the stage, with his back against the audience, and started tapping the pom pom against his hip and wiggling his butt! Soooo cute! And sometime during the concert, it could have been before this encore or after it, he threw three signed balls into the audience. I remember how he teased us with the last (pink) ball, just bouncing it on the floor...

Then the show was over - or not. After the show in Yoyogi, we tried to call him back after the encore without success. This time, we succeeded. More than once. But every time he came back onto the stage, he complained that it was late (the show ended up being 3 hours!) and that he was hungry. But of course, he agreed to stay a little longer. After all, we were in Hachioji, and it was a very special show!

The first time he returned he was just talking a little with us, but when he moved to leave the stage again, we protested so loudly that he stopped, looked at us - and gave in. The other guys joined him, and they gave us ラブ・スパイラル. Oh happiness!!! 4U joined them on the stage and the whole performance was so fun! And then darling Takki was soooo cute again when he left the stage - he left through the wall at the back of stage, but turned around and peeked out through the curtain.

We started calling for him again, and this time when he returned he complained that it was late and that he was really hungry. But each time he asked us to stop shouting "mou ikkai!", we only yelled louder and louder, until it was echoing in the hall! And then he couldn't help laughing because he was still happy because we wanted him to stay. Suddenly, Snow Man appeared behind him and also called for more encores, and he asked them to stop too, but without success, so he gave up. He got together with all the dancers, and discussed which song to perform now. One of the guys ran away and returned with the Souchou wig! Takki put it on and said a few things in-character, and then we got a reprise of 愛革命. Then he removed the wig and Snow Man started leaving the stage - but then Takki stopped them! Haha, so funny! So they all got together again and decided to do a reprise of 気まぐれJET. And this time 4U joined them on stage! This song is always so much more fun when 4U are among the dancers! Takki also tried to trick us by running off the stage in the middle of the song - but then he returned to finish it.

We tried to get even more encores, but when Takki appeared again, he obviously had other plans. He gave us three choices (I don't know between what, sorry), and after some voting there was a lot of discussion between him and the audience. Obviously he was trying to come up with a solution to something. But eventually some woman from the fanclub (Family Club) entered the stage, and he begged her for something. Anyway, when all was said and done, the result was that we got a concert that was 30 minutes longer than normal, and we would be sent of by Takki himself - who would stand by the exit and put his hands on our cheeks as we went past him.

Do I need to say that I nearly freaked when my Japanese friends briefly told me what we had to expect? Naah, I guess that's self-explanatory... We were let out a section at a time, and since we were on the second floor we had plenty of time to get ready. You know, brushing our hair, bringing out the wet tissues, and checking our faces in the mirrors for the 40th time... Trying to breathe normally, or rather, as normally as we could. Trying to decide whether or not to say something to him...

There were stairs on the way out this time too, just like in Yokohama... I seem to be cursed with having to walk down stairs when my knees are already shaking so much! But I was glad that I could hold on (tight) to the banisters... We could see him from above while we were walking down the stairs, then the line turned slightly and we could see his head above the people in the line. He was standing in front of a pink wall (what color did you think the wall would be??) which had the tour logo on it, but I don't think he was standing all the way up on the ledge right in front of it, but rather on a step in between the ledge and the floor? Because I got the impression he was standing slightly above us, but not very high above - even though he leaned forward slightly he didn't feel very tall compared to me... He was dressed in white, but the details escaped my poor stressed memory and mind. My friends said he wore a white t-shirt, but all I'm sure of is that his clothes were white.

I can't describe the feeling of standing in front of Takki - even if I tried really hard, I would never be able to describe it well enough. It was as if time stood still for a few moments. He put his hands - his amazing hands - around my face. I said "Thank you!". He said "Doumo arigatou!" Our eyes met for a short moment, a moment which felt like an eternity. And then someone in the staff pulled at me so I would let the next person take my spot... But I was actually kind of glad that he/she did that, otherwise I could very well have stood there for a realy eternity, just staring at Takki. That man is so heavenly.....divine! His personality is shining, like radiating awesomeness, and if you're caught by that personality, well... Then it's bloody impossible (or at least hard) to get away from it again! I was shaking sooooo bad when I walked away from him - all of me was just trembling. I don't know how I made it outside, still standing straight. When I was at the event in Yokohama in April, I thought I had experienced the highest level of happiness possible, having caught his eye from one meter's distance. But this? This was sooo much better - and worse! This was not just eye contact at a few decimeter's distance, we even touched! So intimately! No one - I repeat, no one - except my family and ex boyfriends have touched my face in a similar way. I still can't hardly believe it really happened! I was in such a state of shock for such a long time after we left, that I was close to crying because of the stress and the happiness. I can't believe how lucky I've been so far! This was the first time ever Takki did anything like this - and I was there! Oh happiness, sweet happiness!

02. Words of Love
03. 894...ハクシ...
06. 12月の花
Snow Man dancing
08. 愛 Check It!
09. 愛革命
10. With Love
12. 山手線外回り
13. もう君以外愛せない
14. No Control (Snow Man)
15. 気まぐれJET
16. 愛はタカラモノ
17. ホッサマー
18. 夢物語
19. One Day One Dream
21. シャララ
22. キ・セ・キ
Encore 1:
23. 愛の戦士滝レンジャー
Ero dance
24. ひと夏の
25. 瞳をとじて
Encore 2:
26. ラブ・スパイラル
27. 愛革命
28. 気まぐれJET
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