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KAT-TUN 9uarter Tour - Tokyo Dome - May 10, 2015

Together with justironic and another friend I went to see KAT-TUN's 9arter Tour at Tokyo Dome on May 10th. Dome concerts are special in themselves, but I've heard that KAT-TUN concerts are worth going to even if you're not a fan. I like KAT-TUN well enough and listen to their songs more often than many other JE groups, so I was very happy to finally get to see them. And I must say, their 9uarter Tour in Tokyo Dome was one of the best concerts I've ever been to!

We had good seats with a good view over the whole Dome. I really liked the set, it looked very cool and well-thought-through. Above the main stage there was this circular screen instead of the normal rectangular ones, and this circular screen could be divided into quarters to reveal stairs behind it. There were so many cool videos and special effects on this circular screen, I loved it!

During the intro, the members appear on a piece of the center stage each, in the corners of the Dome and moving towards the center. The first song was KISS KISS KISS, and oh my... Those hips! I was instantly hooked! *lol* Loved the costumes as well.

They went on performing RACE GOES ON, then LIPS while jumping onto carts. ONE DROP and BIRTH followed (during which they removed their jackets). It was a good start of the concert, and I really like BIRTH a lot.

While they sang Connect & Go they made their way to the main stage, where laserbeams and fireworks introduced one of my favorite songs: In Fact. That's a song that suddenly pops into my head and I can't get rid of it for hours - not that I'm complaining because it's such a good song!

After this there was a short break for the guys to change costumes. There was a cool member video on the screens, and then a video of old performances where the members appeared in traditional clothes. Then Kame appeared on the main stage, wearing traditional clothes, a mask on his face, and holding a huge fan. He danced with the fan for a while, then suddenly the mask disappeared behind the fan and the traditional music changed.

The other members, also wearing traditional clothes, appeared on the stage as well, and they performed GOLD but with a more traditional arrangement. I was crying from happiness that I got to hear this song live, so at first I didn't notice the different arrangement at first, but then I could hear it and it was really, really cool. The dance was beautiful, they all got huge fans to dance with after a while, and then the fans were removed and they all got swords instead. Swords!

I can't even begin to describe how sexy they were, and then they fought each other - Junno against Ueda and Kame against Nakamaru. After the fighting was over, they played Japanese taiko drums. Cool!

When they performed 楔-kusabi- two of them walked up the stairs on the main stage. There was a beautiful video of flowers on the circular screen, and there were flower petals raining from the ceiling! Then they performed Lovin' You and in the beginning they were all sitting in the stairs holding parasols. They disappeared one by one from the stage during the song, and the last one to disappear is Kame, who was carried to the middle of the stage in a house-shaped palainquin and then shut the door.

When the door opened again moments later, it's Ueda sitting there instead of Kame, and he's smoking a cigarette. He left the house to sit on the stairs instead, threw the cigarette at the house, which burst into flame. The other members enter the stage again, wearing cool costumes. They performed RESCUE while dancing in the stairs, and there was a lot of flames at the end of the song!

And then there was another teary-eyed moment, as a huge fiery phoenix bird appeared on the circular screen and they performed PHOENIX. The bird on the screen changed colors throughout the song - from fiery to blue to fiery again, and so on. Later as the members went towards center stage, Ueda and Kame got guitars to play, and Junno and Nakamaru got smoke guns and went around spraying smoke on the audience. Then followed a sort of medley corner on the center stage: STAR RIDER, GIVE ME, GIVE ME, GIVE ME and FIRE and ICE. During & FOREVER the center stage split up again, and the members reunited on the main stage, walked up the stairs and disappeared behind the circular screen. Then the screen divided and the members were sitting or standing behind it, singing 春夏秋冬. It's a beautiful song, there were really beautiful images of the four seasons on the circular screen - and Junno was really cute. During the next song, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS, they walked around behind the circular screen, and the pieces of it also moved around depending on their positions.

After this, it was time for the MC. But to be honest I don't remember anything from it. I didn't take any notes and even directly after the concert I couldn't recall anything particular... The only thing I have written in my notes was that Nakamaru talked in weird voices and did imitations. Or maybe that was during the Shuffle courner... But after the MC they performed Love yourself ~君が嫌いな君が好き~ which is another song I really like. Junno entered the stage alone first, wearing that nice blue costume which I remember so well from this concert, and he performed some solo dancing and acrobatics before the other members joined him.

Then there was a medley corner where they sang solo songs: Kame performed COME HERE, Ueda performed GIMME LUV, Junno performed LOVE and Nakamaru performed THE D-MOTION. And then they put the songs together in a solo song mix! That was like the coolest thing I've heard in a concert! They made those songs sound perfect together, wow!

And then they performed PHANTOM on the main stage and they did this dance with luminous mittens, it looked very cool. And then RADIO, during which I cried again because it was so beautiful. I hadn't realized before how beautiful this song really is. Nakamaru left the stage early, and then when the others left he entered again alone. It was time for his beatbox corner. I have written in my notes: "Nakamaru did beatboxing! Now I can die happily!" I have always admired his talent, and to finally get to hear a whole beatboxing corner live was awesome! He's really really good. He held a long monologue just by beatboxing, and then they wrote on the screens what he was "saying", just to clearify.

When Nakamaru had finished there was a Shuffle corner. Hilarious! During the introduction Nakamaru was so high tension and tried to do high five with the other members, but Kame was totally indifferent and didn't care about high fives or anything. And Junno laughed pretty much the whole time.

Then they each sang (or tried to sing) a solo song by another member. Ueda didn't even try singing Kame's 00'00'16 - he just messed around with his props (a chair and a wide white ribbon). Junno performed Nakamaru's STEP BY STEP - and I say performed because he could both sing do the choreography. Nakamaru sang Junno's 誓心, complete with dragon props, and Kame sang Ueda's ヤンキー片思い中. At the end the shuffle machine decided KAT-TUN and the audience would all sing Real Face together, and that was one of the most powerful moments of the concert. They had made a karaoke version of the lyrics on the screens, having different colors for KAT-TUN, all audience, male audience and female audience. I loved this performance so much! And it was even better since the video on the screens showed the members in different ギリギリ situations (like Kame and Nakamaru aaaaalmost kissing, and so on).

After that, they performed their new duets. Kame and Ueda performed ありがとう and Junno and Nakamaru performed キラリト. There was a short interlude with cloaked dancers dancing in smoke, and then the KAT-TUN members appeared in golden costumes high above the main stage behind the circular screen. They performed Dead or Alive while walking out to the center stage, and there they performed one of the most awesome songs during this concert: RAY. There was so much flames and fireworks and other fiery special effects, and I just watched in awe. That's another competitor for "Best Moment of the Concert".

The last song of the main set was それぞれの空. That's one of my favorite ballad songs ever, from any group, and I cried so much, and Junno cried, and then I cried even more. (Now, I probably understand why he cried - apparently he had already decided to leave the group by then, and this was his last concert, and the last song of a main set that he performed, so I can see why he was so emotional during this song and during his final 'thank you'-speech.) There was this beautiful starry sky on the circular screen and along the whole wall above the main stage as well.

Encore! They entered the Dome wearing their tour t-shirts and riding in carts. They performed 4U and Peacefuldays, and during the second encore song the cart that Junno and Kame were riding on passed our section, and Junno waved in our direction! Peacefuldays is a song that I didn't like that much when I listened to the CD, but now when I experienced it live, it was totally different. This is definitely a song meant to hear live, it was very fun! The third song was 熱くなれ. For the second encore they performed SUNRISE and they just walked around Dome and waved to the audience.

Well, I don't know what more to say. Except that Kame was so much Kame, being such a diva and sleazy all the time! And Ueda looked very good - not his best, but very good. And he was very cool carrying a sword!

Junno, though... I could write an essay about Junno! During the whole concert I was like "Where did you come from, oh divine hot person who dances and sings so well that you make my Top 5, and has so much energy that it makes me wanna jump around too, and makes me laugh so hard at your stupid jokes?" Seriously, when did Junno become so good-looking? (About 2 years prior to this concert, according to my friend...) And I hadn't really thought about it earlier, but during the concert I realized that he is a really good dancer, and has a really good voice for singing - and that he has the worst sense of humor! *lol* It's so bad I can't help laughing at his jokes. But he has the kind of cute and happy smile that makes me smile so much when I see it. I totally fell in love with Junno during this concert, he became my favorite KAT-TUN member - and perhaps that's why it took my so long to type up this report. Because I still get so emotional when it comes to 4-member stuff after Junno announced that he would leave the group. But I'm becoming more okay with it now, I almost didn't cry while I typed up this. Almost.

Anyway, I'm really really happy that I had the chance to see 4-member KAT-TUN live in Tokyo Dome, and it was one of the most awesome concerts I've ever seen!

Set List

03. LIPS
06. Connect & Go
07. In Fact
Mask Dance corner
08. GOLD
Sword Fight and Taiko corner
09. 楔-kusabi-
10. Lovin' You
15. FIRE and ICE
17. 春夏秋冬
19. Love yourself ~君が嫌いな君が好き~
Beat Box corner
Shuffle corner
23. Real Face
24. ありがとう
25. キラリト
26. Dead or Alive
27. RAY
28. それぞれの空
Encore 1
29. 4U
30. Peacefuldays
31. 熱くなれ
Encore 2

Finally, here's a photo of Junno wearing one of my favorite costumes, from the RAY and それぞれの空 section of the concert.

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