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Taguchi resumes his activities!

(This is yesterday's news, but I had no time to update my blog then...)

Taguchi will release a solo single in November this year! It's called Hero. And apparently there will be some kind of release event as well. Too bad I'm not going to Tokyo until December... But I'm happy about the release anyway!

So I get it that a lot of KAT-TUN fans are angry with him right now. When he quit Johnny's he said he would leave the entertainment industry completely. And KAT-TUN are on a hiatus because of him. And now he'll come back during their hiatus. I get the angry feelings. I mean, I would prefer that he stayed with KAT-TUN or returned to them, after what he did.

But I can't help being so so happy right now. I totally fell for him when I saw KAT-TUN live in 2015, and I kept falling for him throughout the year when I watched KAT-TUN stuff (old and new). I was devastated when he announced he was leaving, and I haven't been able to watch the tour dvd of 2015 without crying - not to mention being able to type up my concert report from that show.

That's why I'm happy he's coming back. My guess is he will perform in a different genre that I'm not very into, and I won't probably have any chance to see him live again soon. But he's coming back, he'll be making music and performing. And that's what matters to me, because I love his voice, his moves and his dorky cheerful personality.

And his website looks awesome!

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