Miri (mirliz) wrote,

Happy Birthday, Tsubasa!

Today one of the persons I admire the most is turning 31 years old! Happy birthday, Imai Tsubasa! I hope he's had (or is still having) a most fantastic day together with the people that matter most to him.

This is a person who has worked so hard to get to where he is now. He's an amazing dancer, a great singer, and always shows great determination in whatever he does. Above all, he's always himself and always doing his best. Now, how's that for a rolemodel? I wish him all the best and hope for many more opportunities to go "wow, he's such an amazing person!" - and I know there will be. ^_^

Imai Tsubasa
Tags: ♥ imai tsubasa, ♫ tackey&tsubasa
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