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Taguchi leaving KAT-TUN

I've had more than 4 months to prepare for this day: the day when Taguchi Junnosuke has left KAT-TUN and Johnnys'. Lots of time to prepare doesn't make it easier though. My emotions are so mixed up - I hate that he's left the group and would have loved for him to stay and keep spreading his smile and sillyness the same way as before, but at the same time of course I want him to follow his heart and do whatever he feels is the right thing to do. If he felt that it was time for him to start a new journey and do something different in his life, of course I want him to do that and be happy.

No matter what he decides to do later on, I hope he is successful and happy. I am so happy and grateful for all he's done in KAT-TUN, and I feel so blessed to have been able to see KAT-TUN live in Tokyo Dome as a 4-member group. Those memories will stay with me forever. I've spent half the afternoon crying, especially when the profile changed on Johnnys-net. And now I will torture myself by watching the last DVD (well, as much as I feel capable of watching before I break down completely). I will always love and remember Taguchi, and I hope that 3-member KAT-TUN will be able to continue forward and stay successful!

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