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Nakayama Yuma Chapter 1 Utaouze! Odorouze! YOLOze! Tour - Tokyo - May 2, 2015

Yuma's first ever solo tour - and I was able to go together with justironic at Tokyo Dome City Hall on May 2nd. I loved every second of the show!

We had seats on the second balcony but very close to the center, and the Tokyo Dome City Hall isn't very huge anyway so we had a good view.

The intro was so cool, with laser beams all over the place. Yuma, dressed in silver (even the shoes) and wearing sunglasses, entered the stage by being launched into the air from a hole in the center of the stage - and there were fireworks too! Awesome! Then he danced inside a circle of laser beams from the stage floor, which he directed and they changed colors.

The first song was Get Up! and he performed it together with a group of 8 Kansai Jrs (I believe they are called ギャンスター) I got the chills so bad at the part where Yuma sings "Mada mada ikeru ka?!" and all the fans responded "YEAH!!" The energy in the hall was amazing, this early on during the show already!

At the end of the song he removed his jacket (to the cheers of the crowd, of course) and the next song was Darkness. The dance was a bit different from before - and now it was Yuma himself doing the rap in the middle!

He then had a short "YAY" call-and-response while walking out to the center stage, where he performed High Five. He performed almost the whole song there but returned to the main stage at the end, and for XOXO he jumped onto a cart at the right edge of the stage. The cart was pushed around the whole floor, from right to left, and the crowd went wild during parts of the song (listen to the song - you'll understand...). As if the song itself wasn't enough, he was doing these adorable sexy poses on that cart. Hips hips hips!

On the main stage he removed his silver vest, and sang VOICE. What a beautiful song it is! During the song they prepared the stage: there appeared a bed, a chair and a screen / room divider. The juniors entered the stage wearing blue/black checkered pajamas, and during the intro of おやすみ Yuma went behind the screen and changed his outfit to a red/black checkered pajamas. (No, we couldn't see very much behind the screen, mostly just his head...) Yuma and the juniors were dancing this adorable dance in front of the bed. Yuma also spent some time sitting on the chair, singing towards the bed. But the little dance was the cutest ever!

After the song, Yuma pulled down the top of the pajama and tied the arms around his waist, then he pretended to pull up the zipper, looking very embarrassed, haha so cute! The next song was アイオライト and after a while he did a new call-and-response, this time with the "woah woah woah" part of the song. Then he called out for a "great person" (すごい人). One of the juniors appeared by his side, I think his name was Fujiwara. Yuma told him to keep warming up the audience while he left the stage for a minute. Fujiwara did do the call-and-response, however he did it like...starting by whispering and slowly working his way towards louder and louder. But we didn't get the chance of even responding in normal conversational volume level before Yuma entered the stage again (now wearing a white t-shirt and black pants and vest), asking Fujiwara what he was doing? He was supposed to warm us up! Everyone should be shouting as loud as they could! He resumed the call-and-response himself, then the song continued.

Then Yuma put on a jacket and they all performed Missing Piece. I still remember the first time I ever watched him perform this song on stage - I cried so much... I cried a little this time too, because I really like this song and there are so much feelings connected to it...

Yuma left the stage again to change outfit. When he entered the stage again he was wearing black and white striped pants, white shirt and white jacket. Yuma performed 舞い、恋. A single junior was dancing, sort of illustrating the song. It was very beautiful. At the end of the song Yuma and this junior were pushed around the stage by the other juniors, then they danced together against the back wall before finishing the song back-to-back and leaving the stage together side-by-side. Yuma appeared alone again after a while. When he started jumping between imaginary water puddles I knew immediately... The next song was 水の帰る場所 and the junior Fujiwara was dancing Yara's part. I love this performance so much!

Yuma went backstage for a long time, changing his outfit again. On the screens they showed loads of photos of Yuma from when he was younger. I love it when they do that! He was so cute!

Then he appeared again with all the juniors - and he was wearing a golden costume so I got really excited because I just knew there had to be a junior song corner - and I was right! While a lot of old videos were shown on the screen, they performed a medley of many of his "junior time" songs: ビリビリDANCE, NEXT STAGE, がらすの・魔法・, 悪魔な恋, バンバンッ!!, ロマンチック, UME強引オン!, 孤独なソルジャー. I was super excited to finally get to hear these songs live! I remember jumping up and down at one time, haha! That might have been when they started singing バンバンッ!! or maybe it was UME強引オン! (I admit it: I went wild when I realized they started singing UME強引オン! because that's one of the songs I've always wanted to hear live).

One funny part was during 孤独なソルジャー when Yuma had a monomane (imitation) corner. Yuma is excellent at monomane, so it was fun that he had a special corner for it during his solo tour!

Then it was MC time! Yuma asked the audience where everyone came from and if anyone came from far away. Me and justironic put our hands up to tell him we're from Sweden, but he didn't see us... All the people he picked came from different places around Japan, like Sapporo.

Next, he mentioned his radio show Radio Catch. Apparently he had asked the fans to bring red items to the tour, and asked us to show them now. Many of us simply switched on our penlights to the red light mode - which he seemed to think was clever of us, but didn't prove that we listened to the radio show...

He also mentioned his other radio show LOOK AT YOU-MA. During that show he had asked fans to send him e-mails with suggestions for call-and-response for the concerts. The first was: "歌おぜ! 躍ろぜ!" - "YOLOぜ!" (Utaoze! Odoroze! - YOLOze!) and the person who sent this suggestion was actually at this concert! Yuma thought that was really cool. Then we tried it a few times as call-and-response, and the last time he didn't call his part normally but sort of half-singing - and the fans responded our part in the same way, which Yuma thought was awesome! (Of course we're awesome!) The girl who sent this told him she came up with the idea in the middle of the night, and then Yuma told us that's when he usually composes his songs. That's nice, to get small pieces of information like that!

The next call-and-response suggestion was hilarious. Not because the idea itself was hilarious, but because it was in English, and when it showed up on the screen Yuma said "Can you read it? Maybe it's difficult to read..." Anyway, the suggestion was:
"Are you ready?"
"Give me five!"
"High Five!"
We tried it, and Yuma liked it.

The last call-and-response suggestion was my favorite, maybe because it was a play on words (and I love wordplays!) The suggestion was:
"俺との時間はあっと..." (Ore to no jikan wa atto...)
"ゆうま!" (Yuma!)
It's difficult to translate, but roughly it translates to "When spending time with me, time flies by too quickly!" (ゆうま could be written いう間, which would be the correct way to write the end of the sentence, however that would be correctly pronounced "iu aida", not "yuuma". As I said - play on words, and I love it!)

Next he introduced the juniors and they all chatted a little about themselves. They also talked a little about the cute penlight (it looked like a pony!) and the rest of the concert goods. Then the juniors had a dancing corner while Yuma went to change outfit again.

Yuma appeared again (in black and white clothes) and there was this amazing magic show while he performed Hustler! There was fire, and he was waving this huge red flag, he held fire in his hand, he made himself magically disappear... He was also dancing with a sparkly stick which he dropped through the floor later on and it reappeared on the stage as a mic stand.

During the next few songs Yuma was standing a lot on a higher level of the main stage. Butterfly was performed completely up there. Then during Best Friend there was a bit of dramatization. Before the next song one of the juniors played a saxophone solo. He was really good! He played the intro of ネガイゴト (and some parts in the middle and end) which is a very beautiful song, and Yuma was standing below him singing. But 葉桜 was even more beautiful: there were flowers on the screen and at the end Yuma went up to he screen and touched the edge of it, and then there were flowers spreading across the screen from that point where he touched it. He left.

On the screen there was a red Hollywood-ish curtain, and when it was pulled aside there was Yuma's name in huge sparkly letters. Yuma appeared on the center stage and performed YOLO moment (on center stage and main stage). The next song was new! A song called Shining. Yuma jumped onto a cart and went past the whole first balcony, touching hands of fans. Then during Friday Night ~こんなミライ~ we were all supposed to wave with our penlights from side to side during the chorus.

The last song, In The Name of Love, he performed on the center stage. So much feelings!!! I cried so much! And there were white feathers falling from the ceiling.

For the encore Yuma suddenly appeared in a corner of he first balcony! He was wearing a t-shirt with Pegasus, like the one sold as merchandise but his Pegasus was sparkly! For the encore Yuma sang 交差点 and when he left the first balcony he walked among the fans on the floor toward the main stage, but there were two spots in front of the stage where he stood for a while singing.

Then he told us to drop everything we held in our hands, including penlights. And then there was a short medley of High Five, Get Up! and YOLO moment, and he wanted us all to really join in the fun with all the hand movements and stuff during the choruses. It was really fun! And there were streamers falling from the ceiling! But I didn't get any... But I didn't care so much. Because the concert was AWESOME! And one of the best things was that, as far as I could hear, Yuma sang EVERYTHING LIVE! No lipsyncing at all, and that's pretty awesome, right? That also meant that sometimes everything didn't sound perfect - but that IS perfect to me. That's what I want when I go to a concert. If I want to hear the songs performed perfectly, I'll listen to the CD. When I go to a concert I want to experience the live versions of everything. And that's exactly what I got here.

Now, since I am a huge Yuma fan of course I am biased whenever it comes to him... But, I do think that he is the most adorable guy in Johnny's. He's good at singing, good at dancing (and always improving), he's a good actor (stage and television), he's good at one-man-radio, he's funny and dorky, but also very smart and has an adorable serious face, and he's able to hold a one-man-show that's interesting to the audience. Not to mention how kind he is to everyone around him! How can you simply not love him?! Okay, I should stop now, because I'm getting all emotional.


Set List

01. Get Up!
02. Darkness
03. High Five
04. XOXO (キスハグ)
06. おやすみ
07. アイオライト
08. Missing Piece
09. 舞い、恋
10. 水の帰る場所
11a. ビリビリDANCE
11c. がらすの・魔法・
11d. 悪魔な恋
11e. バンバンッ!!
11f. ロマンチック
11g. UME強引オン!
11h. 孤独なソルジャー & imitation corner
12. Funky Nine (introducing juniors)
13. Hustler
14. Butterfly
15. Best Friend
Sax solo by junior
16. ネガイゴト & 葉桜
17. YOLO moment
18. Shining
19. Friday Night ~こんなミライ~
20. In The Name of Love

21. 交差点
22. Medley: High Five - Get Up! - YOLO moment
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