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02 May 2015 @ 01:32 am
Hurray for SixTONES!  
Even though I should be sleeping right now, I just have to write a little something about today's big news: the boys of Bakaleya 6 now have an official unit name! The name is *drumrolls* SixTONES! Even though I think the name is slightly odd I'm just so happy that these hard-working boys finally were given an official unit name. I mean, come on - they have been a unit for years now! I'm so happy for them! (As for the next debut group - would it be too much to hope for SixTONES? They sure deserve it.)

In other news, I'm back in Tokyo! Just for 2.5 weeks, but still it's awesome! Today I just relaxed with my friend, had some great food, did some shopping - and finally we watched Yamada's movie 暗殺教室. It was really really good! Besides, Yamada is becoming a very talented actor, and his character Nagisa in this movie was very cute and likeable. He did an awesome job - as did the rest of the actors as well as Nino as a voice actor. I'm so happy that the movie was still running when I arrived to Tokyo!

Okay, now I do have to sleep, because the rest of the weekend will be packed with fun stuff and I need to be well-rested!
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