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PLAYZONE 1986・・・・2014 Arigatou Aoyama gekijo - August 6, 2014

The second time I went to PLAYZONE in the summer of 2014 was on the Wednesday evening of August 6. My seat was a few rows behind the middle on the right-hand side. It was nice to get to view the show both from the left and the right side, even though I wouldn't have minded sitting on the left-hand side again - that's where Yuma usually was...

Pretty much everything was similar between the first and the second show I went to, so I won't go into too much detail in this report. When the curtain opened for ダイヤモンド・アイズ my heart was beating so fast! Just as it does every time a show starts! That's one of the best feelings, the excitement at the start of a show. Everything was so sparkly, and I couldn't help smiling at Yuma during this song. There's this part of the dance where they roll their hips in a kind of half-roll (hard to explain) and it's easy to see that Tsubasa and Yara are natural born dancers. It's also easy to see that Yuma is not a natural born dancer, when he's dancing beside them - he did this half-hip roll in such an exaggerated way that it looked a little comical. But I felt this huge admiration because he has worked so hard and improved so much lately! He really does his best and you can see that very well on the stage - even though Tsubasa and Yara outshine him (but they always will).

During Venus, everyone were so happy! I mostly noticed Yuma, Tatsumi and Kosshi acting very happy towards each other. And Tsubasa and Yuma did a high-five. Then during FUNKY FLUSHIN' the girl below me was invited to dance with one of the boys, but she was too shy and didn't do it. To be honest, I'm not sure how I would have reacted if I was invited to dance with one of them. Maybe I would also be too shy... During A・RA・SHI, the thing I remember most clearly is how much energy Noeru had! Wow!

There's only one thing to say about Tsubasa during 情熱☆熱風せれなーで: WOW that body! Just wow! There was also this funny detail from when 4U entered the stage. Matsu walked towards Tsubasa and meant to give him a high-five, but Tsubasa just ignored him so Matsu ended up bending backwards until his head was on the floor! It looked funny.

The thing about the medley of 恋=Do!〜君に薔薇薔薇・・・という感じ〜原宿キッス where all the boys were dancing freely is that it was very fun to watch! So much energy, so many nice moves! But it was also frustrating to not really know where to look... I didn't want to miss anything! Myuto did a really cool split, and Miyachika and Yara did some really amazing moves while standing on their hands and stuff.

Then there was 気まぐれ One Way Boy, and Tatsumi looked so hot in that leather jacket! That's totally his style. I can imagine him walking around in those type of clothes in private too, and riding a bike...

And, oh my god, Yuma was so happy and cute again during ズッコケ男道! I have this wide grin on my face when I'm writing this, because Yuma was sooo adorable! And when he passed by my section I was too far away to get another high-five, but he waved at me! Feels!

There was some awesome acrobatics that caught my attention at the start of 愛なんだ, sadly I don't remember who did it... Possibly Miyachika? For some reason I simply don't like him so much, I have no idea why! But he's got some real talent, both dancing and acrobatics - I acknowledge that and enjoyed his performance. Thumbs up, he will make it far if he stays in Johnny's.

I enjoyed うわさのキッス - this time Noeru turned his cap backwards, haha! Maybe trying to be cool, but failing since he was just cute. And Yamaryo blowed a kiss at the audience.

君だけに was just as beautiful as the first time I watched the show. I got goosebumps because of how beautiful it was. And Yuma sang everything perfectly (of course I would say that - especially since I love love love his singing voice for ballads - but he really did sing amazingly during this song!).

My best memory of What's your name? is... gold, sparkles, and HIPS! Just as last time. And I'm not one to complain! More hips to the, uh... fans!

Nothing special to add to the performance of アンダルシアに憧れて. It's awesome as always. The first time I saw it, the costumes were very strange to me - but since then I've kind of begun liking them. They're cool! Especially the effect of them when the boys turn in different directions.

During the performance of $10 I noticed that Yara had something tied around one of his arms, it looked like maybe he had injured the arm? But I couldn't be sure... And soon my attention turned to all the amazing acrobatics instead. Yuma did a great performance of 愛されるより 愛したい again. I loved how much stage time he got this year!

Something that got less stage time than at the last show I went to was Tsubasa's tummy... This time during 愛・革命 he didn't show it off. Bummer... Oh well, maybe next time!

ロマンチックタイム with Yara was quite entertaining. He was especially cute when he stumbled around the aisles towards the stage, and on the stage. It's so fun to see someone who can move and dance so perfectly act like someone who is just so clumsy. Oh, and he started the performance very close to my seat... He really is short, haha!

Aaaand, it was again time for the Yara-Yuma skit! Just like last time, Yara went to the left-hand doors to walk out of the room, but the doors were closed so he called for a staff member to help him. And just like last time, the spotlight went this way and that way so Yara called "Oi! This way! I'm not that short!" Yuma entered the stage, looking for Yara. My stomach almost cramped from laughing when he looked in his jacket pocket to see if Yara was there! Yara called to him and Kosshi so they found him. Then he started climbing the doors while trying to open them, but Kosshi told him "If you climb like that, the doors definitely won't open..." They told Yara to quickly come to the stage and change clothes. They decided that Yuma would go and get the costume, and they all started repeating "sore de ii", "sore de ii"
over and over again so everyone started laughing. And when Yuma left the stage, Kosshi started calling "Tomoyuuukiii!" - but instead of going to Yara he stopped by a person in the audience and tried to make him go to the stage. And then Yuma also mistakenly thought that person was Yara. But in the end Kosshi went to get Yara, and carried him to the stage. Yara started changing clothes, but the other guys were too slow to put up their aprons to block the view, hahaha! Eventually he got changed, and they also found his shoes - but Yuma told him "the shoes are tiny!" so Yara kicked him! It was hilarious!

Nothing really special happened during the rest of the show - except that Tsubasa asked the man in the audience (the one "mistaken" for Yara before) to also dance when he entered the stage for フラワー. We'll Be Together was really beautiful again, but I was sad to not get to see Yuma walk out of the bright white light right in front of me again... They all looked so handsome in their white suits!

ROAD TO PLAYZONE and Guys PLAYZONE were awesome! I almost got emotional during those songs, because those songs are PLAYZONE for me, I love them so much, and even though I wait the whole show to get to see those performances I also know that the show is almost finished when I finally get to see them...

I wonder if there will be another summer PLAYZONE in 2015? But even if there is, I won't be able to go... I feel sad about it because I've seen the show every summer for three years now, it's almost become a tradition. Anyway, I am happy that I got to see the 2014 show twice! It's so awesome! And Yuma is absolutely adorable, I love him so much!

Set List

Act 1
01. ダイヤモンド・アイズ
02. Venus
03. お祭り忍者
05. A・RA・SHI
06. 情熱☆熱風せれなーで
07. 恋=Do!〜君に薔薇薔薇・・・という感じ〜原宿キッス
08. 気まぐれ One Way Boy
09. ズッコケ男道
10. 愛なんだ
11. うわさのキッス
12. 君だけに
13. What's your name?

Act 2
14. アンダルシアに憧れて
15. $10
16. 愛されるより 愛したい
17. 愛・革命
18. ロマンチックタイム
Yuma/Yara skit
19. スシ食いね
20. フラワー
21. We'll Be Together
24. Liar

Imai Tsubasa
Nakayama Yuma
Yara Tomoyuki


Travis Japan
Nakamura Kaito
Kajiyama Asahi
Abe Aran
Miyachika Kaito
Yoshizawa Shizuya
Shimekake Ryuya
Morita Myuto
Kawashima Noeru
Tags: ☆ report:concert, ☆ report:stage show, ♥ imai tsubasa, ♥ nakayama yuma, ♫ johnnys jr
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