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40 Carats - Tokyo - September 20, 2013

When I first heard about the play Yabu would take part in during fall 2013 (when he announced it during their Dome concerts in May) I thought at once "I have to see it!" And I did! I went to a Friday evening show. My seat was good, in the middle section, 10th row. The theatre was small and very cosy. Before the show started I bought the pamphlet and read the interview with Yabu (which by the way I would like to translate).

Yeah, and I don't have any photos from this play, unfortunately. T_T So I scanned a few magazines instead.

Act 1

The car of a woman, Liza (40), has broken down in the middle of nowhere on a holiday in another country (Greece?). Young Will (Yabu) has stopped by and is trying to fix it, but fails to do so. He tries to cheer her up with some jokes and light chit-chatter, but she is not at all amused. She is stuck in the countryside and has to catch her flight tomorrow morning!

Since Will (almost 23) is camping out here he is more relaxed. He says they could enjoy this evening and he will get help for her in the morning. Suddenly he decides; "I will go swimming!" Liza doesn't want to join him, but he takes off his shirt - and then he stands there shirtless for quite some time! Omg, he's soooo skinny! Tall and skinny - but soooo good-looking! Except for the fact that he's a bit too skinny actually... Anyway, they end up opening a bottle of something stronger and spend the night in Will's camping site...

The scene changes and Liza is at her office (somewhere in America I think). She's an estate agent and today they get a very rich costumer who's looking for an expensive house in the area. Liza is divorced since quite some years and is now confused about what happened with Will on her vacation.

Later that day, at Liza's home; Liza's daughter Alice (17) is going out with friends again. Liza is also at home. Granny worries about Alice, and thinks she should think of her future and marriage instead of going out every night. When Alice opens the door for the person who will drive her tonight, Liza is so surprised that her hand gets stuck in a vase! Apparently, Will is a friend of Alice's friend... Oh, I can't forget the look on Will's/Yabu's face as he was leaving their home! Liza slams the door shut...

The rich man looking for a house, whose name is Eddie, finds a house to buy and starts dating Liza. But one evening when they're going out for dinner, he decided to invite everyone in the family. Liza is disappointed because she'd expected to go out alone with him. When Liza has just gotten back home, Will pays a visit. He tries to convey his feelings for her, but she runs away from him and he chases after her, telling her how much he loves her. "I've dated many older women, but you are the first one I really love! You're the most beautiful woman I've met! I love you!" They're so funny when they run around and around in the room - at one point he jumps up the stairs between the living room and kitchen (just a few steps) and lands on all four, LOL! Then he catches up with her when she slows down and starts listening to him. But just as they are getting close to each other, on the verge of being intimate - they are interrupted by Liza's mother, who lives there too.

A day or so later, Liza's friend (ex-husband?) Henry tells her that it's okay for an older man to date a younger woman - but of course he thinks so, as he's dating a 20-year-old exchange student... But Liza has the opinion that you should date people of your own age, not older or younger.

Will keeps stalking Liza, making her remember that night when they first met, and trying to make her realize how much she loves him. But Liza keeps pushing him away.

A few scenes later: Granny and Alice are at home. Will pays another visit. Granny has now realized that she knows who Will is - she went to school with a relative of his, possibly a grandparent, and apparently he comes from a good family. Anyway, she sends Alice to her room, and she herself plays cards with Will. But Will is way too distracted. There's a huge flower bouquet on the counter for Liza, from Eddie who has returned from a business trip to New York. Liza is out with Eddie at this moment. Granny starts talking about relationships and, with Alice on her mind, suggests to Will that he should marry her (without mentioning her name). Will thinks it's a great idea.

So when Liza comes home from her date, Will goes down on one knee and asks her to marry him! To explain his sudden action he explains that it was Granny's idea - but Liza exclaims that Granny meant he should marry Alice, not her! But Will doesn't listen - he leaves the house with the words that he will go home and wait for Liza's reply. Alice and Granny come out of their rooms to ask if Will did propose?
Liza: "Yes, he did."
Alice: "I can't believe it!!"
And Alice starts jumping up and down in despair, because she's not in love with Will. Then Liza imitates her, exactly with the exclamation and the jumping, and runs off to her bedroom. Alice is so surprised that she runs after Liza and asks her to explain what she means?

Act 2

Eddie has suddenly asked Alice to marry him. Alice and Liza argue about it for some time, but eventually Liza agrees to them getting married.

In the office, Liza tells Henry that Will has asked her to marry him. He doesn't like it at all - apparently the older-younger relationship is only okay if the man is older, not younger... So Liza phones Will and accepts his proposal!

Will's parents come to visit Liza and him at Liza's home. The father has a habit of exclaiming Mah! every now and then, and one time Will imitated it, haha! The father also jumped up the stairs exactly like Will did earlier... When Will's parents are leaving, his mother reveals that she's dating a young man of Will's age!

Granny and Henry sit at home and talk. Then Granny goes to her room, I think, and Will pays another visit. And then Liza comes into the room. She and Will are going out to a night club tonight, she wants to try it. And they've already done so many fun things together, going to amusement parks and so on. The others come by for a moment. Granny and Alice are going to celebrate Christmas with Eddie. But before they go, Alice tells Liza that she's pregnant!

Liza and Will come back home from the night club. They're fighting, because Liza saw him together with a young girl and got jealous.
Liza: "Have you slept with her before?"
Will: "No...is what I would like to say..." (the funniest line in the whole play according to me!)
She asks him to leave, she wants to be alone this night. While she's all alone in the kitchen, Henry appears - he seems to have fixed something in the bathroom or bedroom for Granny. He happened to overhear their fight. They discuss relationship between older and younger people, and they discuss getting older. Liza doesn't want to get older, but Henry objects that women are like diamonds - the older they are, the higher carats! So a 40-year-old woman isn't 40 years, she's 40 carats! (I really liked this way of looking at it...)

Henry returns to the bedroom or wherever he was before, and then Will appears again. He has brought sleeping pills for Liza. But then he smells the cigar smoke and sees the ashtray, understands that Henry is there - and Liza is dressed in just a dressing-gown...
"I can see it's better that I don't come back here," he blurted out and slammed the door behind him when he left, very upset.

Liza, devastated, asks Henry to give Will a letter where she writes that she breaks up with him. In the office the next morning she discusses it with her secretary, and they reach the conclusion that this solution is the best for everyone involved.

That evening, Henry is at Liza's place. Suddenly, Will comes by and asks Liza if she's ready to go, they're almost missing their flight (they were supposed to go on a vacation). She wonders, did you not get my letter? He answers; Letter? No, but Henry came by and explained the situation, what an embarrassing misunderstanding!
Henry looks very satisfied with his part in this, Liza is a bit confused at first, but then she hurries to pack her bags and then she and Will go on their vacation. The end!

My thoughts during intermission and after the show

Wow, I'm so happy I went to see this! It was a really fun play, I laughed so much! They usually talked very fast, but I caught most of the dialogue - and it was rather easy to follow the story anyway. Yabu was so good at being Will! The only thing I would criticize is that he doesn't have many nuances of his voice - he spoke in pretty much the same way and same level of voice most of the time. But then, he's not a professional actor, I think he did very well! However, he was really really good at body language and facial expressions! When he heard Granny introducing Eddie as Liza's new boyfriend (before the dinner) - I just wanted to laugh out loud at his reaction!! The shock on his face! LOL It looked something like this, just slightly different:

Oh, he's so adorable, my dear Yabu-kun! And he's so tall, and so good-looking, and so skinny... He's actually so skinny that, even though I did enjoy the scene where he was shirtless in the beginning (I mean, who doesn't like to see some skin on these Johnny's boys? ^.~ ), I was almost afraid he would break at the waist... I hope Hikaru makes him eat more!

Oh, and there was another cute thing he said after the play ended and they were thanking the audience! He entered the stage, introducing himself as "Shin-otto degozaimasu! Sumimasen..." ("I'm the new husband [polite]!" but I didn't understand why he said 'sumimasen' ?) Then they were talking about how many more shows they still had, and he couldn't remember the date of the last show, haha! Oh Yabu, dear, you really aren't good with dates, are you? LOL (He forgot the dates of the whole play when he announced it in Tokyo Dome in May...)

Hope you enjoyed the report!


Will - Yabu Kota
Liza - Daichi Mao
Henry - Uekusa Katsuhide (Shounentai)
Alice - Shimizu Yuki
Granny (Masa) - Takabayashi Yukiko
Eddie - Matsumura Yuuki
Secretary - Tanigawa Kiyomi
Will's father - Toyama Seiji
Will's mother - Misa Noeru
Tags: ☆ report:stage show, ♥ yabu kota, ♫ hey say jump
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