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ANOTHER - Tokyo - September 15, 2013

September 2013 was a sad month, because it was my last month in Japan before returning to my homecountry... But it was also a happy month, because I got to go to two stage shows! The first one was ANOTHER, the Tokyo edition with Yuma in one of the main roles. I looked forward to it so much, and I wasn't at all let down!

I went with two other people - a friend and her daughter. The daughter's favourite was Shigeoka Daiki, if I remember correctly. She bought his stage photos and I had to agree that he looks pretty good. Not at all as good as Yuma, though. ;) We had seats on the first balcony, to the left side of the stage. But the view was almost perfect! I could see everything very well. Also, I was very lucky because apparently there were two cast groups in Tokyo, and they did some shows each. In one of the groups was Taiga, in the other group was Yasui. I was crossing my fingers that Yasui would be on the stage for my show - and he was! I was so happy!

Act 1

The stage was revealed as having some kind of portal in the middle and stairs on the sides of it. Some guys dressed in black were standing in the middle, and some other guys stood in the stairs, dressed in red and white. They sang Another Tomorrow before the story started.

Then, a ship is sailing on the ocean. It's a big storm and they try to ride it out, but the ship is split in two parts. Yuma is washed away on one part of the ship, the other eight guys are on the other part. Yuma is washed up on the shore of an island. He appears on the stage all alone, on a cliff that is raised in a cloud of smoke and performs Place of My Heart. He sang the whole first verse a capella and it was so beautiful that tears welled up in my eyes. His voice..!! And his facial expressions during the song were beautiful! <3 After the song he has a monologue about the journey they were all going on, the island he's ended up on, and what he should do now. But he won't give up yet! The cliff with Yuma on sinks into the stage again.

Sho appears to the left on the stage, and he's despairing. They have also been washed ashore on another island, but he has no idea how they would be rescued. He sings a very melancholy song while the set changes into a jungle. (Sho also sings the first verse a capella, but his voice swayed a little...) Then six of the guys enter the stage, taking a look at this uninhabited island. They start arguing about how they will survive, and that they have so little water.

Then the guy in blue t-shirt appears on top of a cliff - he has found one single grape! And then he introduces himself with the hilarious pun "atama, kubi, hiji, Koji~!" ('head, neck, elbow, Koji') He climbs down to stop the others from fighting. Shortly after, there was a funny strange and seemingly improvised scene where I think it was Daiki who was told to put his hands on Kiriyama's shoulders and Kiriyama leaned backwards. Many of the other guys turned away from them because they started laughing, and Koji also started laughing and seemed to almost forget how they would continue the play!

At this point they all performed HI! HO! In the middle of the song, they stop singing and try starting a campfire with twigs and branches. Kamiyama interrupts them, starts the fire using stones, and when the others admire him he says something like "small tools and a switch!" Some guys enter the stage with a few fishes they've caught. In the background, Kiriyama is teasing one of the other guys with a water bottle (they had found more water by now). Then they continue singing HI! HO! and some of the guys run around among the audience. One of them (I think it was Nakama) sits down with some girls in the middle of the theatre!

After the song, Kin Kan (that is, Koji, Sho and Kaneuchi) enter the stage only wearing leaf skirts! They explain that they've washed their clothes (they are now drying on a line on the stage), so they made these skirts to wear instead. Only they are itching a bit... Hilarious!

The scene changes, the eight guys and the jungle disappear. Instead, Yuma appears again on a dark stage, once again surrounded by a cloud of smoke. He walks around calling for the others - or just anyone other than him, but no-one answers him and he starts to despair, being all alone. Then he performs Darkness, and his singing is amazing and his dance is just sooo perfect! PLAYZONE was only 1.5 months earlier, but he improved sooo much! I loved this song like, I can't explain and I really want it to be released on a CD! In the middle of the song, a huge amount of dancers joined behind them. They were dressed in weird costumes, looking like grey shadow-beings.

Yuma had borrowed Tsubasa's hole in the stage floor with smoke and a fan, LOL! I was so amazed at the whole performance, and then right at the end - Yuma did a backflip! It was so awesome!

Then Yuma lies down on the floor, and he seems as if he awakens from a dream. A small shining being that looks like a fairy appears behind him and they start talking. She asks why he's on this island. He tells her about the journey with his friends, the ship and the storm, and how he was washed away from them. She says she wants to go out and eat together with him, but Yuma hesitantly says "Well, I don't have my wallet anymore, it disappeared in the storm..." Then he tells her his name is Yuma, but she mistakes his name for "Yumei" (which means 'famous'), so she asks if he's famous in Japan? and everyone laughs. She says her name is Mao. But then she suddenly disappears and Yuma is alone again, but now he only thinks of Mao...

The scene changes again. Sho enters the stage, singing silently and sobbing. He just wants to go home! Kiriyama comes after him - the two of them are brothers (in the butai). Kiriyama promises that he will make sure they will get back home. When Sho has left the stage, Koji enters and starts imitating Kiriyama. Finally Kiriyama asks him to stop, because it's too embarrassing!

There's another song, sung by Daiki, Kaneuchi and Koji, and in the end they are joined by some more, I think they were Travis Japan. Then Kiriyama enters the stage - he's found a mystical box. Captain Kotaki examines the box and decides they have to find some sort of cable to connect to the box, so everyone starts looking.

On the other island, Yuma and Mao find a similar box. He starts talking about the adventure his in the middle of, and that no-one at home will believe him! That is, if he ever comes home again... He says that he wants to go home to Japan, but he also wants to be with Mao. Mao asks if she can't come with him to Japan? Yuma promises to take her with him when he goes, because he loves her. He suddenly sings another song; Little Melody ~あふれる想い~. Such a beautiful song! And the dance also! Mao gives him her amulet that she was given by her father, and leaves him. Suddenly a warrior appears - his name is Zol or Zoru or something (Yasui!) - and he threatens Yuma to stop seeing Mao. He says "Mao is a being that belongs to this island. You mustn't see her again. You don't belong to this island!" But Yuma doesn't want to listen to him. Yasui was dressed in a lovely blueish costume, I loved it!!

The scene changes again. Daiki enters the stage and sings 学生, and is joined by Kamiyama and another guy. They start talking about how this island is missing a konbini, and they randomly do a series of konbini skits, LOL!

Back to Yuma. He has discovered that the box he found is a radio transmitter, and luckily his friends on the other island have got their radio transmitter working as well, so they can get in touch.

Next, Kiriyama and Sho enter the stage and they argue about something. Probably about not being able to get off the island... Kiriyama sings his solo 心風. I'm sorry to everyone who like him, but for some reason I can't really like his singing voice, so I was kind of happy his solo wasn't very long... Right after the song I think Sho shouts that he wants to meet their mother again, and the both of them run off the stage and through the audience to the back door. Moments later, Sho appears on the stage again, alone. He is sad and desperate, and says "Mother, we will soon meet again." The stage floor opens, representing the sea, and Sho walks right down into it... Right after, Kiriyama comes running and desperately searches for Sho. Sho appears, lying dead on the ground. Kiriyama desperately tries to wake him but realizes he's gone, and is heartbroken.

The other guys also arrive, and together they carry Sho away while Kiriyama mourns his dead little brother and begs him to forgive him for not being able to get them home again. And I couldn't stop myself from crying during this whole sad scene...

Someone sings ポケットに青春のFun Fun Fun but I didn't write down who did...

Yuma appears in the audience and he sits down on a box in the aisle below my balcony, where he holds a short monologue before he walks onto the stage. The character Forest (Myuto) appears with a group of warriors, and they dance a lot to the song ジャングル while Yuma climbs a cliff.

And here I wish I had watched Yuma through my binoculars the whole time! Because he did a classic disappearance trick, just like Takki always does. Yuma climbs up the cliff, but he is captured by the warriors and brought down to the floor/ground again. Suddenly he appears on top of the cliff dressed like an old man! This old man reveals that he's the the father of Yuma who disappeared on the ocean when Yuma was young. He ended up on this island and stayed here, and he's been teaching Japanese to the island's inhabitants. It's also revealed that Mao is his daughter - Yuma's half-sister. Two of the guys rips the clothes off the old man - and there stands Yuma in his usual white clothes, and the old man appears at the back of the stage instead! (I still have no idea who was the real Yuma and who was the double...) Yuma is heartbroken when he hears the truth about his father and Mao. End of the first act.

Act 2

The second act opens on Yasui and many other warriors who are saying that they have to protect their island and their people, and they dance for a while to the song Mysterious Dance, with spears and all. It seems like Myuto is the leader of the people, and Yasui is the warrior leader/captain.

Yuma meets Mao again and throws the amulet back at Mao, he doesn't want it anymore. But he doesn't tell her the truth - instead he lies and tells her he already has a girlfriend in Japan. Mao doesn't want to believe him and runs away crying.

Yasui comes to talk to Yuma. He brings two warriors. Suddenly he trips and falls - and he seems to be dying. He says that he's seriously ill and needs Yuma's help. Other warriors enter the stage and believe that Yuma has tried to kill Yasui, but Yuma realizes that he knows how to save Yasui and he has to speak to his friends on the other island. He captures one of the warriors to keep hostage, and runs away to the radio transmitter. He tells his friends that he's coming over to look for a flower.

The warriors also hurry to the other island and manage to capture captain Kotaki and Kaneuchi. But Kaneuchi manages to escape, and while Kotaki is locked up in a cage he runs off to ask his friends to help him save the captain. Next, everyone danced together! They dance in groups; Kiriyama with some guys to the left, Nakama with some guys (among them Yasui) to the right, Yuma and some guys in the middle. Then the dance turns into a slow-motion battle, before turning into a dance again. The song was 急げ!若者.

Yuma has reached the other island together with his hostage. At the same time, his friends are trying to save captain Kotaki. Nakama reaches the cage, opens it, but hits Kotaki in the face and closes the door again! For some reason he's angry with Kotaki, but I couldn't catch why... Anyway, Kotaki asks for forgiveness and is finally let out by Nakama. Kotaki is a bit hurt so he has to lean on Nakama. They are surrounded by warriors, but their friends sneak up on them from behind, they fight and then most everyone run off the stage. Nakama stays and gets hold of a spear. His friends return, holding things like an oar, electric torch and a frying pan! Everyone is chasing everyone off the stage... Kiriyama is the last one. He instructs a girl in the front row to point in a certain direction when the warriors ask her where they ran off to. When a warrior stops and asks her, she points in the direction Kiriyama instructed her and the warriors run off. The girl seemed to be very nervous about being picked out!

Then everyone enters the stage again, and the fight turns into a chair-game! You know, the one where you go in a circle around some chairs and when the music stops you have to sit down on a chair, but some people will be left standing. Only this time there are no chairs, but they walk around and around, and suddenly a spotlight is lit in the middle of the ring and everone run off in different directions - except the warrior who asked for directions earlier. He runs into the spotlight instead, but when he realizes that everyone else is gone he says "Shigeoka, he's a nice guy!" and runs off the stage. But shortly, everyone returns and starts fighting again.

But now Yuma arrives, together with Myuto and the very ill Yasui, and they make them stop fighting. Kiriyama and the others start taking care of Yasui. They lay him down on the stage, roll up his pants and start wiping him with wet cloths, everywhere where he's got bare skin - even on his stomach I think, haha! They also use palm tree leaves to try and make the fever go down.

Yuma manages to convince the warriors that they only want to help Yasui, and they don't have much time. Yuma, Nakama, Yuma's hostage and one more (I think it was Kamiyama) walk away to search for the flower while singing. They climb a cliff and find the flower on a slightly lower cliff, beneath them. Nakama climbs down and the others hold him, but he can't reach the flower. He tells them he can do it on his own, so they let go and he climbs down some more and almost slips, but he gets the flower! He climbs up again - but just as the others are going to help him over the edge he slips and falls!

Their friends who are with Yasui are in dangers, because Yuma is gone for such a long time. The warriors don't trust them. Kamiyama (?) and the hostage suddenly return and tell them that Nakama has fallen and Yuma stayed behind. Kiriyama is heartbroken since Nakama is his very good friend. The warriors attack them and almost kill them - but just then Yuma returns together with Nakama! Yuma saved Nakama, who only got hurt when he fell, and they also brought the flower. Yuma tells the warriors they don't have much time to save Yasui, and they start preparing a special water with the flower in, and start wiping Yasui's body with it.

And Yasui is saved! He thanks Yuma for saving him, but Yuma says that his friends helped him a lot - he couldn't have done it without them. Yasui is very very grateful and even Myuto seems to accept them. The warriors realize that Yuma has been telling the truth the whole time. Myuto offers them a ship to take them home to Japan. Yasui asks Yuma to come back and visit them, and Yuma says "you only have to ask!" The friends go onboard the ship and sing 星をさがそう. But then they realize that Kiriyama stays on the shore. He asks Daiki to deliver a message to his mother, that he and Sho decided to stay on the island and they are both well.

They leave the island while everyone is singing Another Tomorrow. And I cried so much! Both because so many emotions filled me from the butai, and because I knew it was the last time I saw Yuma for a long long time... After the curtains fell, old-man Yuma appeared in front of it and said a few words.

And then it was SHOWTIME!


B.A.D. opened the showtime with 哀しみのプリンセスへ. They were wearing red costumes. Next were Kin Kan, singing a medley of Natural Thang and 薄荷キャンディー. After them were Yasui and three more juniors who sang . Followed by Travis Japan, dressed in red and black costumes, performing Crazy Accel. Their acrobatics during this performance was amazing! A.B.C-Z should watch out... Noeru's backflips! And he even did Tsuka-chan's special flip where he's tossed into the air by two other members!

Next were They!Budou and MAD singing Yes? No?, followed by 7WEST, who were standing on a box in the middle of the audience instead of on the stage. They sang a song Sing for you and Travis Japan joined them at the end. There were two guys who pretended to faint during this song, haha!

Finally, there was Yuma's showtime part! He appeared at the top of the stairs on the stage, and the music of Missing Piece started playing - and I started crying, and I cried and cried, I cried during the whole song! Because I'd thought that I would never ever get the chance to hear him perform that song! It's the song for the drama Piece, the first Yuma drama I watched; I loved both the drama and the song at once, and I'd dreamt of getting to see him perform it. Finally, two weeks before leaving Japan, I got to see it! I was so happy I can't describe it! And he was so handsome in a dark suit. He had a lot of backdancers, and the dance was different compared to when he performs with Snow Man. But I only looked at Yuma...

After his song, they held the thank-you speeches; Yuma, Kiriyama, Nakama, and last Daiki. To finish the show, everyone sang the final song together: 鼓動. Now Yuma had changed to a white suit, and he was so handsome now too! And of course, the song was beautiful...

Can't believe I actually got to see this butai! The first butai where Yuma had a main part! Sooo happy! Sadly, I didn't recognize many of the songs performed by Kansai Jrs... I guess I've cared more about the Tokyo Jrs so far.

I just have to talk more about Yuma... I already mentioned that he's come such a long way, and he's improved sooo much lately, both this singing and his dancing. One thing that I noticed was that he must have learned a lot from the drama Pin to kona where he acted. When he was dancing he did this beautiful beautiful poses and the way he stretched his arms and turned his hands - that just has to be inspired by his kabuki acting! I was so impressed to see how he had actually picked out things he learned for the drama and incorporated it in his dancing. Will he ever stop improving and impressing me? I hope not! Because I feel so proud every time I hear someone who's not a Yuma fan tell me how impressed they are with Yuma's performance and how much he's improved!

Set List

Songs marked * are the ones I'm not sure of the name of, or simply don't know the name of

Act 1
01. Another Tomorrow (Yuma)
02. Place of My Heart (Yuma)
03. unknown song (Sho)
04. HI! HO! (Kansai Jr)
05. Darkness (Yuma)
06. unknown song (Daiki, Kaneuchi, Koji)
07. Little Melody ~あふれる想い~ (Yuma)
08. 学生* (Daiki)
09. 心風* (Kiriyama)
10. ポケットに青春のFun Fun Fun (?)
11. ジャングル (Tokyo Jr)

Act 2
12. Mysterious Dance (Tokyo Jr)
13. 急げ!若者 (Jr)
14. unknown song (Jr)
15. 星をさがそう (Jr)
16. Another Tomorrow (Jr)

17. 哀しみのプリンセスへ (B.A.D.)
18. KinKi Kids medley: Natural Thang & 薄荷キャンディー (Kin Kan)
19. 罠 (Yasui, Jr)
20. Crazy Accel (Travis Japan)
21. Yes? No? (They!Budou & MAD)
22. Sing for you (7WEST & Travis Japan)
23. Missing Piece (Yuma)
24. 鼓動 (Yuma & Jr)


Nakayama Yuma
Kiriyama Akito
Nakama Junta
Shigeoka Daiki
Kotaki Nozomu
Kamiyama Tomohiro
Hirano Sho
Kaneuchi Toma
Mukai Koji
Yasui Kentaro
Morita Myuto
Travis Japan
various juniors
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