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Jingu Gaien Hanabi - Tokyo - August 17, 2013

The acts of this year's Jingugaien hanabi Johnny's show were: Takki, KinKi Kids, and Matchy. I went there with a group of friends, and I was wearing a yukata I had borrowed from one of them and I felt so pretty! Our seats were at the front, on the right side. So we had to look to the left to see the main stage, but I didn't care. We were still pretty close.

Takki opened the show with ラブ・スパイラル which is a perfect opener, followed by 夢物語. Takki was wearing a very stylish outfit: white pants, deep pink t-shirt, a beige hat, and from the beginning he had a Hawaii shirt over the t-shirt but he removed it early on. (And just because Takki threw away his shirt, one member of Snow Man had to remove his own jacket and throw that away too... I think it was Iwamoto who did so.) After 夢物語 Takki and Snow Man played Japanese taiko drums that were placed along the whole main stage. It was awesome!

After that, he performed REAL DX, before jumping into a cart that carried him along the edges of the arena seats and then back to the stage, while singing Ho! サマー and 山手線外回り. The last two songs were 愛はタカラモノ and シャララ. I thought the set list was really really good. A good mixture of Tackey&Tsubasa hits and his own hits (well, hit, and taiko drums). And it's always so good to see him together with Snow Man - they really seem to enjoy performing together!

The host talked a little with Takki before he left the stage. They mentioned that this was his third time performing at the Jingugaien hanabi show. But he said that it was very different this time; usually there's a kouhai group but this year he was the youngest!

The next part of the show was KinKi Kids. I didn't know what to expect from them, since I've never seen any of their shows - not even on DVD. It was kind of laidback, they played the guitars a lot, or they just walked around the main stage, center stage and side stages singing. But I'm happy to have seen them live! Koichi came to stand on the side stage in front of our section during one song, and I do think he looks very good... They opened on the center stage with 硝子の少年 (which I love), followed by 愛されるより 愛したい and 永遠のBLOODS. Here they had an MC where they greeted us and checked how many were fans of which group tonight... They chatted for a while about how they never do open-air concerts during concerts because it always starts raining when they do... They also talked about how warm it was tonight, and I think it was here they told about how they had a lot of trouble putting together their set list - all their many songs about winter and snow aren't really suitable for a summer concert..! But then a staff member told them to sing the next song, everyone laughed, and they performed 薄荷キャンディー. Next was Hey! みんな元気かい? which I have to confess I didn't like much. Having a part where you have the audience sing or reply or something, is usually something good - but this time it was too much of that, so it became a bit boring... However, they continued with 全部だきしめて, a good song, and finished their show with 愛のかたまり. I was soooo thrilled to hear them singing it! I love that song but usually just hear Yamada or juniors sing it. Now that's one more thing I've ticked off my wishlist of songs I wanted to hear live by certain groups.

The last part of the show was Matchy. Just as the year before, I enjoyed his show. Good songs (for the most part) and a pleasant singing voice to listen to. He opened with スニーカーぶる~す. Then Takki and KinKi Kids joined him for ハイティーン・ブギ and after this was an MC break. They talked about a lot of things - about that Takki was a backdancer of KinKi Kids, that Takki had 100 juniors dancing behind him, about where the fireworks would be launched ("Isn't that behind those drums?" Tsuyoshi asked, but the others protested that it was wrong and too dangerous) - but it was mostly KinKi Kids talking. At one point they told Takki to also say something! Then they all sang 夕焼けの歌. When Takki and KinKi Kids went off stage again, Matchy continued with 挑戦者, Let's Go! and ふられてBANZAI, finishing with ミッドナイト・シャッフル. Matchy talked a little about things like that there were no penlights at his concerts as when Tegomasu and other younger groups performed, he asked us what we thought about the shows tonight, if we came there with dates or with friends, and then Takki and KinKi Kids returned again to sing Baby Rose with him. I thought it was fun that they performed so many songs together.

Then it was time for the firework display! It was awesome as ever. Here are some of my photos:

After the firework display finished, Takki and KinKi Kids entered the main stage again and had another MC. But again, it was almost only KinKi Kids talking, and Koichi wondered why Takki wasn't talking? Takki didn't have a real answer for that, so they suggested it was because they were both of them but Takki felt lonely without Tsubasa - so Koichi did this pose and pretended to be Tsubasa! It looked hilarious and Takki became really embarrassed about the whole thing!

The show finished with Takki and KinKi Kids singing Venus and フラワー (yay!!) and then they called for Matchy to join them, and all of them sang ギンギラギンにさりげなく. I really like that song for some reason.

I had a very good time with my friends, Takki, the other performers, and the firework display this evening!

Set List

Act 1: Takki
01. ラブ・スパイラル
02. 夢物語
taiko drums
04. Ho! サマー
05. 山手線外回り
06. 愛はタカラモノ
07. シャララ

Act 2: KinKi Kids
01. 硝子の少年
02. 愛されるより 愛したい
03. 永遠のBLOODS
04. 薄荷キャンディー
05. Hey! みんな元気かい?
06. 全部だきしめて
07. 愛のかたまり

Act 3: Matchy
01. スニーカーぶる~す
02. ハイティーン・ブギ (with Takki & KinKi Kids)
03. 夕焼けの歌 (with Takki & KinKi Kids)
04. 挑戦者
05. Let's Go!
06. ふられてBANZAI
07. ミッドナイト・シャッフル
08. Baby Rose (with Takki & KinKi Kids)

01. Venus
02. フラワー
03. ギンギラギンにさりげなく
Tags: ☆ report:concert, ♥ kondou masahiko, ♥ takizawa hideaki, ♫ kinki kids
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