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Johnny's Film Festa 2013 - Tokyo - August 3, 2013

I'm very thankful to the girl who helped me get the ticket for Film Festa! I went to the Hall feeling very curious about what I was going to see. I knew it would be a movie and that Hey! Say! JUMP would be the main actors or whatever in it, but didn't know anything else about it. In the end, it was a very very strange movie... But quite entertaining!

I had an arena seat, but not too close to the screen, which meant that I just had to lean back slightly and not so much as if I had been sitting in the front part of the arena. I was pretty happy with my seat actually. Before the movie started, HSJ members reminded us to behave - things like at the cinema, you know, don't use your cellphone, speak only in whispers, and so on. Then the movie started.

Joshima from TOKIO has just taken a bath and sits down in his livingroom. On the table are several Myojo magazines and he starts looking at them. There's this inner dialogue that they show on the screen, where he's envious of the younger groups and afraid that he will never get the chance to be the centre of the Johnny's again. So he makes a plan to get rid of Hey! Say! JUMP, the latest big idol group...

HSJ are just leaving the recording studio when they meet Joshima. He reminds them that they will soon have to renew their Johnny's licenses, and to do that they have to go to Johnny's Island. After some thinking they agree to go there the next weekend. They go there on a ship that looks very much like a pirate-ship. This scene, and all the scenes in the rest of the movie, were done on green screen, and it really looked soooo unprofessional and all that, but that just added to the weirdness and hilariousness of the movie! Anyway, poor Inoo is sick on the ship, but they soon reaches Johnny's Island. There they meet a man that looks very much like Joshima, but he insists they call him Joe. He tells them they need to collect six magical orbs around the island, but doesn't tell them more. Then he just disappears. HSJ look at a map nearby, and decide that Hey! Say! BEST will go through the forest while Hey! Say! 7 will go to the town. As they leave, we can see Joe/Joshima hanging from the cliff where he performed his disappearance trick...

When HS7 arrive to the town they find a big screen on a building. On it they get their first lesson. It's a free talk between some Johnny's senpai who are newscasters: Taichi from TOKIO, Inohara from V6, Sakurai from Arashi and Kame from KAT-TUN. They talked about their careers, a bit about baseball, how nervous they were the first time they would be a newscaster, and Kame told about a funny incident from when he just started as a newscaster: he was going to say good-bye to the viewers, and normally you say "See you next week, good-bye!" - but he forgot himself and said "See you next week, bye bye!!" in this totally idol-y way! When they lesson is over, an orb leaves the screen and HS7 grab it, then walk on.

BEST are walking through the creepy forest and they are scared. Joe/Joshima is following them, and places a basket of poisonous mushrooms in front of them with a note saying "Eat this!" Of course, Hikaru being always hungry happily eats a mushroom even though the others are afraid it will kill him. But nothing happens and they move on. Joe/Joshima takes a bite of another mushroom - and gets very ill... BEST soon reach a glowing bamboo stick, and they hear the sound of people talking. This is the second lesson, a free talk between movie actors Okada from V6, Ikuta Toma, and Nino from Arashi. They talked a lot about acting in movies, but I didn't find it that very interesting actually... Then BEST also get an orb, and they reunite with HS7. They start eating their lunchboxes, but suddenly Joe/Joshima appears and makes the ground open up and everyone fall into the hole.

Where they end up is dark, but Inoo has a flashlight. There are creepy sounds - but they turn out to be Yamada who clings to Yabu, and Hikaru who is still eating his lunchbox... Then they hear a voice, and Chinen runs away excitedly as it sounds like Ohno! They end up in a white room where Ohno (Arashi) and Yasuda från Kanjani8 are dressed up in drags. They sing and act generally weird, and then they say it's a drawing class so all of HSJ sit down at the desks. The first prompt is to draw a dog, and what can I say... some of them are good at drawing, some of them are not, LOL! The next prompt is to draw a portrait of Ohno - again, some are good at it, some are not... But they get the third orb, and return to the dark place. There Joe/Joshima sends bats at them, and HS7 are separated from BEST.

BEST find the next class, a free talk about music between Nagase from TOKIO, and Ryo and Ohkura from Kanjani8. They sing, play guitars, and talk about music and creating music. And then BEST get the fourth orb. Meanwhile, HS7 have fallen off a cliff and are trying to climb up on ropes. When they finally make it up to the top, they find a theatre and walk to it (dragging Yamada with them, who is very shaky from the climbing...). In the theatre is the next lesson, a free talk about stage plays between Higashiyama from Shounentai, Sakamoto from V6, Koichi from KinKi Kids, and Takki from Tackey&Tsubasa (!). It is a very nice and pleasant talk, each of them mentioning things from different stage plays they've set up. After the talk, HS7 get the fifth orb and they reunite with BEST.

Together they walk to a gothic building, but inside it they are stopped by Joe/Joshima. He puts them in some kind of game show to get the last orb. They need to answer questions about Johnny's, but are not told what happens if they answer wrong... The first question is easy, which group wasn't a volleyball supporter? (The answer is TOKIO and I also knew that!) The second question is also fairly easy (I knew it as well) - it was to complete part of a lyric of a Matchy song (Gin gira gin ni sarigenaku). For the third question, Joe/Joshima asks who's the best in HSJ at doing impressions, and they choose Takaki. So Joe/Joshima asks Takaki to prove how good he is - Takaki does an impression of Kinpachi-sensei, but Joe/Joshima says he's "too good" and makes Takaki disappear! HSJ get very upset that they didn't get to know the rules in advance, Hikaru complains the most so Joe/Joshima makes him disappear too...

The fourth question is about what kind of face Joshima makes after eating spicy curry, and they get some pictures to choose from. They complain that this is no real quiz, but choose the apathetic face - but correct answer is happy face, so Joe/Joshima makes Inoo disappear. The fifth question is, which picture was drawn by Joshima. They guess correctly, but still for some reason he decides to make Yabu disappear too, because "Yabu in his heart was much smaller" LOL. I think they lost Daiki around here somewhere too, but I'm not sure... The sixth question is which TOKIO PV wasn't directed by Matsuoka Masahiro. They answer incorrectly, which makes them lose Keito. Now there's only Yamada, Chinen and Yuto left! The seventh question is which of SMAP's singles sold more than "double million" - the answer was 世界に一つだけの花 and they are correct. Now it's the last question: there are photos of MatsuJun (Arashi), Joshima, Koichi and Higashiyama, and the question is "who is the coolest?" The three of them agree that MatsuJun is the coolest, but when Joe/Joshima asks if they are REALLY sure about their answer, they decide to change it and say that Joshima is the coolest. Of course, that's the correct answer and they are all brought outside and are reunited.

But Joe/Joshima refuses to let go of the last orb. He reveals himself as Joshima and says that if HSJ renew their licenes they will outshine him, and that the new young idols are ruining Johnny's for their senpai. But HSJ ensure him that they respect him a lot and that he is important to them, and in the end he gives them the orb. There is one kanji in each orb, and they turn out to represent the members of the group Heike-ha. The orbs fly up in the sky, and tiny versions of Heike-ha appear in the sky singing Ultra Music Power. Joshima gives the renews licenes to HSJ, and then suddenly a hole opens in the ground and Joshima falls into it...

Then Joshima wakes up in his livingroom, and gets a home-delivery. When he opens it, it's a sketchbook with drawings that HSJ made during the class with Ohno. The pictures are of him, Joshima, and at the back of the sketchbook they've written "Thank you!" So, was it a dream - or not..?

Well, as I said, this was a really really strange movie! But very entertaining! And I loved that HSJ were the main actors/characters, they were hilarious!
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