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PLAYZONE Song & Dancin' Part III - July 22, 2013

For the second show I went to in 2013, I was seated at the back of the second floor, right at an aisle, and I figured out that if Matsuzaki would appear on the same spot today as he did last time, he would be walking straight past me! Not bad.
Before I went to my seat, I decided to look for the seats I would have for the third show. But the people who had those seats today had already sat down, so I didn't go all the way. Looking forward to those seats, though!

This show was pretty much like the last one, so this report will be much shorter - I'm focusing on things I noticed for the first time at this show, or details that changed.

Those mic stands they used for 仮面舞踏会 were placed at the back of the stage, and it was Tsubasa, Yuma and Yara themselves who carried them to the front of the stage during the intro. Yuma has become so much better at dancing during the past year, but when you see him only together with Tsubasa and Yara he seems to have rather stiff hips... But who wouldn't? Yuma really doesn't have stiff hips anymore! He dances so well now.

But, oh gosh, the highlight of this performance was definitely the humping part! Those girls in the front row must have almost fainted!! I couldn't even start imagining...

The guys performing ハッとして! Good I think were two members of 4U and They!Budou., and the guys performing 100%・・・SOかもね! (in yellow net tanktops... sorry, I can't stand net tanktops!) I think were Matsuzaki and Tatsumi from 4U and four guys from Travis Japan. And then LOVE YOU ONLY was performed by four members of Travis Japan, and possibly two members of They!Budou?

Anyway, the jacket that Yara got hold of in the middle of まいったネ 今夜 was thrown to him by Yuma. When it was time for the MC, Yuma had a hard time getting up from the floor because Yara was crouching too deep, almost sitting on his back!

The guy who gave them the small towels was Eda-kun, and today he brought with him a Takitsuba uchiwa from 2010!
When Tsubasa was looking for a towel he could use instead of the one Eda-kun sneezed in, he sat down in a girl's lap, but ended up using the towel of a guy, and he also gave him a hug! Then Tsubasa, Yuma and Yara talked about some of the songs again, first about Yuma's 水の帰る場所 and then Takki's 愛・革命 - apparently Tsubasa always sings that song at karaoke?

Once again I was impressed by 4U and the eight other guys (Travis Japan?) who did the rollerskating during STAR LIGHT. 4U even did pirouettes! But one of the smaller guys fell once... Poor guy. During パラダイス銀河 they didn't use rollerskates, but small triangular carts. During parts of the song the four carts were pushed together to a square in the middle of the stage, and the pushed it around and around in a circle on the spot. During the part of the lyrics going "ai no kotoba", Matsuzaki formed a heart with his hands.

The dancing during アンダルシアに憧れて also impressed me again. During one part of it, they were all sitting on their knees and were jumping complete half-circles - sitting down! How do you even do that??

During this show I noticed for the first time what was on the screen in front of the stage during the beginning of 青春アミーゴ. There are cubes falling from the ceiling, placing themselves at the bottom - and when the screen was lifted the cubes on the stage were placed exactly as the ones on the screen had fallen.

And then Yuma was sooo cute during the end of ズッコケ男道 - when he had returned to the stage in the end of the song, he just crouched down there on the stage, repeatedly hitting the poodle head on one shoe, to the beat of the song. Poor poodle head, LOL!

The 4U skit was quite different this time - and I don't know if it was all meant to be that way... Matsuzaki ran right past me, so close that I would have been able to make him trip just by reaching out my arm, haha! He stood by the railing of the balcony at the end of my aisle, so I could see him well. The part where Matsuzaki is meant to say "Wait! You can't start without me!", today he said "You can start even if I'm not there!" So Tatsumi (who is supposed to say "Yes, we can!") was just quiet for a few seconds, before saying "Yes, exactly, we can!" That was hilarious, especially since I'm not sure it was meant to be changed that way...

While the other guys were waiting for Matsu to join them, they decided to do a game where they were sitting on the edge of the stage, without moving or saying anything, and they asked us to sit still too. Then when Matsu came, they said we would wait for their signal and we would all scare Matsu. When Matsu entered the stage, he bent down backwards, all the way until his head was in the floor!

When he realized the other guys weren't moving, he went to them and tried to make them move. It was so funny, he leaned close to them, and it even looked like he was going to kiss one of them! I don't remember if it was Koshi or Tatsumi, but that guy couldn't help moving just a tiny bit to avoid it and almost started laughing, LOL! They ended upnot scaring him this time either, because they felt sorry for Matsu when he started crying. But then right at the end of the song A・RA・SHI they were standing in the back and Matsu in front of them, and THEN they gave us the signal and we scared Matsu so much he "fell" off the stage...

Once again I enjoyed Guys PLAYZONE the most, and once again 水の帰る場所 was my favourite out of all the other performances. I can't help it, it's so perfect - both the song, the singer and the choreography! Although I didn't cry (so much) this time...
And yeah, I adore 4U, they are hilarious!

Set List

Act 1
02. 仮面舞踏会
03. ケジメなさい
04. ハッとして! Good
05. 100%・・・SOかもね!
07. どーしようもない
08. 水の帰る場所
09. 愛・革命
10. まいったネ 今夜
12. パラダイス銀河
13. アンダルシアに憧れて

Act 2
14. 情熱の一夜
15. 青春アミーゴ
17. ズッコケ男道
18. 青いイナズマ
19. よく遊びよく学べ
20. フラワー
21. お祭り忍者
22. A・RA・SHI
23. 星屑のスパンコール
25. Liar
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