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Hey! Say! JUMP Zenkoku e JUMP Tour - Tokyo Dome - May 12, 2013

I went to the Sunday show together with one of my best friends - and it was thanks to her that I got to see it, because she had a spare ticket. And I can't believe how lucky we were with those tickets! We had seats on the top level, but when we got there we realized they had closed the first 10 rows so we all had to go to a staff table and get new seats through some kind of random system. When we re-entered the arena with our new tickets I almost fainted. Our seats were right in the center, right opposite the main stage - on the new first row by the sky stage! So me and my friend sat and chatted about anything and everything until the concert started, so we could stop ourselves from thinking about the fact that we had two of the best seats in Tokyo Dome this time!

There was no one who rode the toy train before the concert started this day, they only showed the furitsuke instruction video and then they show started. The set list was pretty much identical to the Saturday show, so I won't mention every single song, but rather just things that were different or songs where I remember more details from the Sunday show than the Saturday show. Seeing the show from this high up in the arena was also different. Luckily the railing in front of us was just low enough to let me see the small stage closest to us when I was standing up, so I could see everything that went on down on the stage.

SUPER DELICATE was really cute today as well. Yamada sort of tickled Yuto under his chin so he started laughing!

Then they all ran to the small stages, and Yamada was on the one right in front of us. They also performed OVER on that small stage, so I could see them all clearly, even though they were far away. But I had my binoculars, so I was okay!

The toy train ride during 愛ing~アイシテル~ was even cuter than the day before! Hikaru was the driver again, Keito sat behind him, and then Daiki sat with his back against Keito's back, facing Yamada. Halfway around the stage Daiki started patting Keito's head, and then Keito reached up and grabbed Daiki's hand, and they sat like that for a few moments! And Daiki and Yamada were soooo cute to each other during the whole song! On the next cart were Yuto and Chinen, and for some reason at the end of the ride Yuto felt he had to stand up, and Chinen tried to make him sit down again... On the last cart were Inoo, Takaki and Yabu, and of course I thought they were very cute, but today the top spot for being cute was held by Daiki and Yamada. When they were to step off the train, they held their faces soooo close to each other, and then Yamada slapped Daiki's face, haha!

Daiki was so cute during スクールデイズ and deserved all the cheering and screams he received! When they were going from the main stage to the smaller stages, Yabu and Inoo walked arm in arm for some time, it looked really cute! And then Yabu started marching really fast and weirdly with stiff swinging arms, around half the inner runway. He's so weird, I love him!

This time I managed to read all the printed t-shirts during STYLE. Daiki: '180 cm', Inoo: 'モテたい' ('wanna be popular with girls'), Hikaru: '足速い' ('run fast'), Takaki: '高校歴' ('high school diploma'), Yabu: '日焼け' ('sun tan'). I get most of them (Daiki is very short, Hikaru is so slow he always got caught during the games in Ya-Ya-yah back in the days, Takaki dropped out of high school, and Yabu is always pale) - but Inoo already is popular, right? (The funny thing was, right after these two concerts his photos in the Jshop started selling out...)

Hikaru was playing on Daiki again as if Daiki was a guitar, and Hikaru was introduced as the player. Then Daiki called out "Guitar - Daiki!", but meaning that he was the guitar, not the player of it... And today I realized why Daiki didn't play any instrument - because he held the mic for the others when they played.

HS7 did a wave of sort at the beginning of 脳内☆Dance, from side to side, and it was hilarious because Yuto and Chinen stood beside each other so Chinen had to jump slightly since he's so short compared to Yuto! *aww* I also noted more about the song and the videos now. About Keito, they mentioned that he is so good at speaking English and playing basketball. About Yuto, they mentioned his passion for photography, and he did all these silly poses pretending that he was taking photographs. I don't remember Chinen's, but they said about Yamada that he was both cool and cute, and he made the most adorable puppy faces!!! And then at the end he tugged at his shirt as if he was going to open it... *kyaa!*

A lot of juniors entered the stage carrying flags during ガンバレッツゴー! and HS7 were running all across the stage. But at the end Yamada and Keito were running together, they stayed on the center stage and were being cute to each other, but Yamada just wrinkled his nose at Keito... But Keito still ended up putting his arm around Yamada. When they left the stage, all four of them gathered in front of the same camera and made funny faces, and I think it was Keito who had put on his hood with the rabbit ears and was really cute!

Next was BEST having a short MC together with Sexy Zone. Today they just congratulated them for the fan club, mentioned their fan club member numbers, gave them a cake and we sang Happy Birthday (which I found a bit strange, but oh well!). When the press gathered to take photos of Sexy Zone and the cake, Fuma pretended he'd eat it - and in the end he actually did have some of the whipped cream, saying "I have to taste it!"

Sexy Zone performed Real Sexy! on the small stage in front of us, and yep, they were sexy... Kento blowing kisses all the time, and the KentoFuma moment!! Which the adorable Shori interrupted...

Then it was time for the sky stage performance. I'd been able to not think so much about it during the beginning of the concert, but just enjoy the show, but when Sexy Zone finished their song I could feel my heart start racing... HSJ appeared on the sky stage just two doors away from our seats, and then they all came past us during the song! And they really were sooooo close to us! Just a few meters away!! I seriously thought I would faint, but then when they stood in front of me, dancing and singing, I was like 'ooooh they're so pretty! which way should I look? ah, Yabu! Yamada! ooh look, over there is Takaki too... aah, Yamada! I don't know where to look!' And they had the sparkly purple costumes, loved them!

Already from the start of Born in the EARTH we tried to make eye contact with the guys, and we waved a lot - and we succeeded! Right at the beginning of the song Yamada noticed us! First he looked at us quickly, you know, just glancing at us, as he does a lot of the time trying to see as many fans as possible. But then he must have realized we were foreigners, so he halted and looked at us again, straight at us, waved and gave us this huge dazzling smile! I was so happy I could have cried if I hadn't had such a wide smile on my face! I tried to make contact with the others too. Daiki noticed us, but didn't show it in any particular way...

Then they performed 僕はVampire and I seriously was about to die again! This time it wasn't cuteness overload, it was hotness overload - and they were dancing in front of us! Yabu was standing riiiight in front me, then Daiki and Keito, and in the other direction Yuto, Yamada, Takaki, Hikaru, Chinen, and Inoo the longest distance away from me. I really love when Yabu sings this song, so I looked at him a lot. But I made myself look a lot at Yamada as well, because I can't get enough of watching him dancing to this song. Ad I knew that if I missed his hip roll from this close distance, I would never forgive myself... I didn't miss it. I saw it, so clearly, and I died!! I still get all ドキドキ when I think about it!

I can't remember if I got eye contact with any of the other members during OUR FUTURE, but I was still shaking after the encounter with Yamada... When they had finished the song and A.B.C-Z appeared on the center stage, HSJ stayed for a while on the sky stage and chatted with them. Yamada was leaning on the railing, and suddenly started wiggling his butt, which was turned towards us, haha! XD Yuto took the chance to stretch his legs, and Chinen just looked so tiny and cute! Then HSJ left the stage - and did I mention that our seats where the two seats right next to the main exit from the sky stage?? We're talking something like one meter's distance from where they were walking when they left... And we got eye contact with Yamada again! I swear, he looked straight at US and waved and smiled at US! Not the girls behind us or something, it was me and my friend he was beaming at. He seemed to be really happy about the fact that we were foreigners..!

I really like the song Walking on Clouds. And it was a good song to calm down during. By the way, it was Tottsu and Kawai who were lifted up by the other members at the end and pretended to walk in the air. They finished the performance with some acrobatics on the main stage, and Tsuka-chan did his twist flip again.

When HSJ appeared again on the main stage, wearing the red costumes, they announced that Come On A My House would be released as a new single on June 26!! I decided right away to order all versions of it... Yabu and Takaki were really cute to each other again during this song, and at one point Inoo was just being silly - they were filming Yabu and Takaki for the screens, and from below Inoo suddenly came into view, blocking them. And then during one of the last choruses both Hikaru and Yabu changed the furitsuke and formed hearts for the fans instead.

Yabu went in the same cart as Hikaru, Hasshi and Shori during サム&ピンキー. Tsuka-chan was waving like craaazy just as usual. Chinen was on the last cart and was very cute. But the cutest was Daiki, who stood inside the house on his cart and looked out the window in the roof of it!

This time when they were singing the chorus of Come On A My House again, a bunch of chibi juniors entered the stage. The HSJ members were all being sweet to the children, but especially Yamada was - he put his hands on the head of one boy, his elbows on the boy's shoulders, and then he lay his chin against his hands! *kyaa!* So cute!

During the MC they talked about the decor. There were cartoon characters all over the set, representing the members of HSJ, and Hikaru had created all of them. He's so talented! Yabu's character had soccer antennas, Chinen's character looked like a cactus... Then Yabu re-telled a funny episode of something, imitating people. It was about him and Takaki. They also mentioned the new single again. They told us it would also include BOUNCE, New Hope~こんなに僕らは一つ~, スクランブル and Just For You. And they discussed the furitsuke for Come On A My House. Apparently many of them think it's difficult with the bird - not how many times it should flap it wings or in which direction (the things that I find difficult), but how to form it with their hands! Yabu told us about a butai he would perform in during September in Osaka and Tokyo. He knew the dates for Osaka, but then he forgot when it would be performed in Tokyo, so he just said we could check it out on Jnet, haha!

スクランブル really grew on me during this concert. During the Saturday concert I thought it was cool and pretty good, but I didn't think about it so much. During the Sunday concert I listened to it more closely, and realized 'wow! this song is great!' The harmonies, and the high-pitched part that Yabu sings... Still gives me goosebumps every time I hear it and think about the concert!

When Sexy Zone performed Sexy Summerに雪が降る Kento did this super cute pose! A sort of nyan pose where he put his hand like a paw to his chin and tilted his head. Sexy Kento can be so cute too!

Chinen was standing on the small stage in front of us during the intro for BOUNCE, and he was really pumped up! Then when they left the main stage to go to the small stages again for Beat Line, Yuto stood in front of us. That's also where he stood while playing the small drum he was given halfway through the song. At the end of 「ありがとう」~世界のどこにいても~ Yuto, Hikaru and two more members left the stage slightly earlier than the rest, to prepare for the JUMP Band section, I guess. This time Yuto managed to catch his drumstick after he threw it high up into the air. There were also two juniors playing instruments - Ishida on the trumpet and Kogawa on the guitar, maybe they took part in the Band the day before too? I don't know.

They started singing Hero while Chinen, Takaki, Yamada and Daiki was on the way down from the lifts. Wow, their English isn't very good, is it? Especially Yabu, just like the day before, his English pronounciation is really bad! But I don't care, I still love him! And I love Daiki too - he did the cutest hero pose right before he left his lift!

During Dash!! Yamada was handed his saxophone slightly to the left of us but carried it across his shoulder until he reached the small stage in front of us and played it.

Kento, Fuma, Shori and A.B.C-Z entered the stage again during this song, and Tsuka-chan was all over people. I think he hugged Daiki, and then he was all over Shori too. Tsuka-chan has sooo much energy, it amazes me! He was bouncing around the whole arena! And at the end of this song it was Kento who was late to leave the stage instead of Fuma the day before... But Kento wasn't as far away from the exit as Fuma was, so he could handle it better.

During Magic Power on the main stage, Yamada patted Chinen on the head, so cute! And they released so much confetti during New Hope~こんなに僕らは一つ~! It was beautiful. The order of the thank you speeches were: Yamada-Yabu-Inoo-Daiki-Keito-Yuto-Chinen-Takaki-Hikaru.

Then I got to see Sexy Zone up close too when they performed BAD BOYS on the sky stage! I felt so lucky because the KentoShori moment was riiight in front of us! But then when A.B.C-Z entered the sky stage, it all became too much for me, haha! Before Sexy Zone performed, I had picked up my SZ penlight too, so I had the HSJ one and the SZ one. Then I had planned to pick up my A.B.C-Z penlight for A.B.C-Z, but I'd forgotten to put it somewhere handy, so I couldn't pick it up. Big fail! So after a few confused moments I decided to use my HSJ penlight, even though I wanted to use the yellow one for Tsuka-chan... Anyway, A.B.C-Z entered the sky stage right next to us, and it was like an explosion of sparkly gold beside us! And then they were dancing right in front of us, and Tsuka-chan is so adorable!

HSJ entered the sky stage again, and here comes the best part... I was standing there, turning my head back and forth, because Kento was getting closer from my left side, and Yamada and Yabu were getting closer from my right side - and I didn't know which way to look because I didn't know who would reach me first. But Kento didn't look in our direction at all, so I focused on Yamada and Yabu. Then when Yamada was getting closer he made eye contact with us, not the other way around! He searched for us, found us, smiled with a look of recognition on his face, and waved at us an extra time! Sexy Zone and A.B.C-Z left the stage during 情熱JUMP and Tsuka-chan left through the exit next to us. He was so adorable - he stopped right beside us, with the biggest smile on his face, and waved like crazy, even though we were just one meter away from him, and then he left. I think it was during 真夜中のシャドーボーイ that I got eye contact with Yuto and Yabu too. Yuto smiled and bowed slightly at us, and Yabu waved and gave us an extra big smile. *kyaa* And then when HSJ left the sky stage, they did so through our exit, and Yamada smiled at us AGAIN! I don't know how I survived. He's like the most perfect human being, and he memorized where our seats were so he could smile at us every time he passed us! He really saw us! I felt like crying of joy.

Tsuka-chan went crazy again during SUMMARY. How much energy does that guy have?! He was just running around and around on the floor, waving to people everywhere. I think it was during 冒険ライダー that people rode the toy train. I think it was Daiki, Fuma, Yasui, Kento, Hagiya, Tsuka-chan and Hasshi, but I'm not sure. When they left the train I think Daiki and Hikaru were dancing, with each other, or Hikaru was spinning around with Daiki, or something like that.

They did the HSJ call but came back for the second encore Come On A My House. Yuto and Daiki were so cute when they sat down on a bench that was part of the set, and crossed their legs, and they switched legs and sometimes kicked each other by accident when they got out-of-sync! Then Yuto sent hearts to the fans. Everyone was running around all over the stage, and Hikaru and I think it was Daiki who danced together, and then Yuto and Yabu started headbanging? It was so random! At the end of the song Yabu started jumping sideways along the outer runway again, but this time he quit halfway and ran like normal...

They thanked us again, did another HSJ call - but then they came back for a third encore! And it was so funny, because before the show started me and my friend were discussing their silly songs and came to the conclusion that Come On A My House and Romeo & Juliet are probably among the silliest of their songs - but we love those songs so much. And the third encore happened to be Romeo & Juliet! They walked around the arena and touched people's hands during the song, did a final HSJ call on the small stage in front of us, then they walked leisurely back to the main stage while talking and thanking us again, and then it was over.

The guest of the day was by the way Koyama from NEWS, and they went over to him in the VIP section a few times and thanked him for coming at the end of the show. I thought it was fun that he was there! He's the only NEWS member I've seen so far.

This concert was like a dream, and for a few days I was walking around on fluffy pink clouds. My heart still races when I think of the smiles Yamada gave us, I'm so happy that my friend had a spare ticket, and that I only had a ticket for the first show so I could go with her on the second show. Among the concerts I've been to, this was definitely one of the very best!

And here's a photo of Yamada, looking exactly like he did when he noticed me and my friend the first time!

Set List

01. Ultra Music Power
02. Dreams come true
03. 勇気100%
04. スクール革命
06. 瞳のスクリーン
07. OVER
08. 愛ing~アイシテル~
09. つなぐ手と手
10. スクールデイズ (BEST)
12. 脳内☆Dance (HS7)
13. ガンバレッツゴー! (HS7)
MC: congratulations to Sexy Zone
14. Real Sexy! (Sexy Zone)
15. Born in the EARTH
16. 僕はVampire
18. Walking on Clouds (A.B.C-Z)
19. Come On A My House
20. サム&ピンキー
21. 花えがお
22. スナップ (BEST)
23. Come On A My House (chorus only)
24. 愛のかたまり (Yamada solo)
25. ミステリーヴァージン (Yamada solo)
26. スクランブル (BEST)
27. Just For You (HS7)
28. My Life (A.B.C-Z)
29. Lady ダイヤモンド (Sexy Zone)
30. Sexy Summerに雪が降る (Sexy Zone)
32. Beat Line
33. 「ありがとう」~世界のどこにいても~
35. Hero
36. Dash!!
37. Magic Power
38. New Hope~こんなに僕らは一つ~
Encore 1:
39. Your Seed
40. BAD BOYS (Sexy Zone)
41. Za ABC~5stars~ (A.B.C-Z)
42. 情熱JUMP
43. 真夜中のシャドーボーイ
45. 冒険ライダー
Encore 2:
46. Come One A My House
Encore 3:
47. Romeo & Juliet
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