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Hey! Say! JUMP Zenkoku e JUMP Tour - Tokyo Dome - May 11, 2013

I went to both concerts that Hey! Say! JUMP had in Tokyo Dome in 2013. The set lists were pretty much the same, but there were many things they did on stage that were different between the days, and I went with different people and had very different seats, and the overall experience was very different - so I dedided to write two full reports. Here's the first one, from the Saturday show!

I arrived early and met two of my friends, and we went to buy the goods. I only intended to buy the penlight, pamphlet and some photo sets - but I ended up with four clearfiles as well... I blame my friend! I usually go for photos only, but she loves clearfiles, and I still believe she did some mind control thing to make me buy them. XD But they're beautiful, so I'm happy! We went inside and had lots of time, so we looked through my pamphlet before finding our seats. We had seats in different parts of the arena, so we didn't meet again until after the show. A short while before the show started, my third friend (who I had seats with) also arrived.

Before the show started, there were three juniors (Yasui, Hagiya and Myuto) on stage. They told us that the set and decor today was all done by Hey! Say! JUMP! Then they played with the toy train that was on the circular center stage and picked some kids from the audience who got to ride it. They asked some questions as well, like 'who is our favorite member?' and so on. One little boy said Yamada is his favorite because he likes his face. Most of the children said Yamada was their favorite member. A little girl said Come On A My House was her favorite song. Then at the end, there were some juniors who also got a ride. One of them (sadly, I don't remember who!) was a true Yamada fanboy, haha!

Then they showed the furitsuke instruction video for Come On A My House (the same as on Jnet, with Daiki, Yamada and Hikaru) to be sure everyone could do the furitsuke during the show. The concert started a few minutes late, which surprised me because it's unusual with Johnny's. But the show was fantastic! To start with, all the members were introduced with a short video with their names and they did a cute pose or something.

And then - Hey! Say! JUMP appeared on the main stage! Or so I thought - in fact they were standing in the carts of a giant train (and I mean it looked like a train, with a locomotive and all) which I initially thought was just part of the decor... Yamada was at the front with Chinen with him in his cart. In the second cart was Hikaru, in the third was Yuto, in the fourth was Daiki, Takaki and Keito, and then Inoo and lastly Yabu in the last cart. They were wearing so beautiful costumes! The train took them all around the Dome, and they passed below us. My seat for this show was in the right-side bend opposite the main stage, almost at the top of the first stand level. They were singing Ultra Music Power, a perfect song to start with - but now every time I hear it I just think of this concert... They continued with Dreams come true while still on the train, and they welcomed us to the show. They finished the song on the main stage, and let us fans sing the last chorus alone. Hearing the whole of Tokyo Dome singing together gave me goosebumps!

The next song was 勇気100%. They left the main stage to go to the smaller stages all around the arena. There was one such small stage right below us, and I think Yabu or maybe Takaki was standing there for this song. In the middle of the song they introduced A.B.C-Z and Sexy Zone, who were guests performers. A.B.C-Z wore their golden costumes, and Sexy Zone wore their Real Sexy! costumes. I think it was during スクール革命 that Yamada passed us for the first time during the concert. I can't believe how handsome he is!! Suddenly, because I had focused on someone on the other side of the arena, I looked at the small stage below me and noticed that both Hasshi and Shori were standing there! After this song, A.B.C-Z and Sexy Zone left the stage, and HSJ were all gathering on the center stage. Yabu was running past us and almost stumbled and fell, haha!

On the center stage they quickly took off their long robes, and beneath they had white costumes. They performed SUPER DELICATE, and it was rather good that they had white/silver costumes instead of those sparkly blue ones, because now it was easier to see each member and not just a sparkly mess... ;) Even though I love those blue costumes!

Anyway, they had re-arranged the dance so brilliantly for this song! Since there were some lucky FC fans who were sitting on the arena floor right beneath the center stage, they turned and danced in two direction, so that more fans got to see the dance from the front. And you know the YamaJima moment? They were so cute! Really really cute to each other, and then I think it was Yuto who suddenly did something that made both him and Yamada laugh. And all the fans were screaming soooo much!! Gosh, I love that YamaJima moment!!

Then they sang 瞳のスクリーン and there were streamers coming down from the ceiling but I couldn't reach any... They left the center stage to go to the small stages. I remember that Takaki was standing right in front of us, because I could hardly take my eyes off him, he looked so good! I love that hairstyle on him. But I just HAD to look at Yamada during the 'I love you!' part, he was so cuuuute when he said that! And he did so many cute facial expressions at one time during the song!

Everyone gathered on the middle one of the small stages - the one most far from the main stage. They quickly changed jackets to black/white ones, and sang OVER. During the verses in the beginning they divided themselves into groups of three. There were so many cute moments during this performance! And the dance is very cool. Then they danced closer to the center stage at the end of the song, so when the song ended they noticed the toy train. And they rode it! While singing 愛ing~アイシテル~. Hikaru sat down last since he was the driver. Yamada was one of the first to sit down, and he sat at the back of the first cart, and Yuto sat down at the front of the second cart - and when they sat down Yuto put his arms around Yamada, aww! The order they sat in was: Hikaru-Keito-Daiki-Yamada-Yuto-Chinen-Inoo-Takaki-Yabu. Takaki lay down on Yabu's knee a lot! And Yuto lay down and stretched out on his cart, even though there was another person on it as well... Then when they had almost finished the circle around center stage, Hikaru as the driver announced "We're soon arriving at Suidobashi! Next station is Suidobashi!" (which is the station for Tokyo Dome...). And OMG they were so cute all the time!!!

There were many nice moments during the next song as well. They sang つなぐ手と手 and there were four lifts around the arena. I think it was HS7 who were in the lifts. The members of BEST were walking around the arena floor, singing into the cameras and touching people's hands. At the end of the song, BEST had left the stage and HS7 were walking around the arena floor instead. Keito was standing right below us when they instructed us how to clap our hands to the song.

When HS7 had left the stage, BEST appeared again for a BEST corner. They appeared wearing horrible costumes, and very futuristic helmets where each of them had part of a sentence scrolling on a display. The complete sentence I think was 今までのダサいBEST卒業ギャアアア!but I couldn't see it clearly.

When the song started they removed the helmets and robes - and they were school uniforms beneath, and put on this horrible black glasses. They sang スクールデイズ, OMG one of my favorite songs!! I just remember that Daiki was soooo cuuuute!! Well all of them were, but Daiki was particularly cute...

Halfway through the song they removed their glasses and started talking about things they wished. Then they ran to the circular runway between the center stage and the small stages, singing STYLE while they ripped open their jackets to reveal the printed t-shirts underneath. Inoo's said 'モテたい' and Daiki's said '180 cm', but I couldn't read all of the others' prints during the Saturday show. In the middle of the song, Hikaru put Daiki across his leg and played on him as if Daiki was a guitar! Then the put a mic stand in front of them and each member played an instrument for a few moments. Yabu played the recorder, Inoo played the melodica (a kind of portable keyboard where you blow into a mouthpiece on top of it), Takaki played the triangle and Hikaru played the bongo drums. Then everyone played together, before finishing the song.

Next was HS7 singing 脳内☆Dance and it was super cute! They wore the rabbit costumes, and they had a video of each member during their verses, and they made such silly cute faces - both on the video and on stage! I remember Yamada most clearly of course - he's the best at doing silly cute faces!

Then it was time for ガンバレッツゴー! and they were running around between the small stages. I think it was at the end of this song that Yamada and Keito were all over each other, but suddenly Yamada slapped him in the face and Keito looked so surprised!

Now BEST entered the stage again and asked Sexy Zone to join them, and they all gathered on the small stage opposite of the main stage. They congratulated Sexy Zone for getting their own fan club. All SZ members received written messages from a HSJ member, which they read aloud and handed over formally. The first one was Kento, who got the message 'Keep on making your fans happy with your sweet words' from Yabu. Fuma got a message saying 'Take care of your group members' or something like that. When Sou received his message, of course they had to make a pun of his name... "Sou! Sou nanda!" But I don't remember the message. Marius got a message in German from Daiki! It said 'Heute werde ich nie vergessen' ('I'll never forget this day'). Sadly I don't remember the message that Shori received. Then they talked a little about the fan club - apparently if you became a member at the arena during the weekend of these concerts, you got the membership of the first year cheaper. I'm also very sure that Fuma kissed someone on the cheek at the end of this MC, but I don't remember who...

Sexy Zone got to sing Real Sexy!, I love that song! I love everything about it - the song, the costumes, the furitsuke! And the FumaKento moment! With the adorable Shori in the background, kyaa!

For the next song, HSJ appeared on a stage by the top floor, the "sky stage" as they called it! I could hear everyone up there screaming so much because HSJ were so close to them. They wore sparkly purple costumes and spread out almost along the whole top floor while singing Born in the EARTH. Then they gathered in the middle of the sky stage and sang 僕はVampire!! I constantly switched between looking at them through my binoculars, looking at them on the screens - and looking at them through my binoculars on the screens... And I'm just saying this: hips don't lie! Yamada's hip roll during this song is seriously killing me! Those fans up there in front of them were so lucky! The next song was OUR FUTURE and they walked back and forth along the sky stage during the song, waving to everyone.

Then it was time for A.B.C-Z. They sang their new song Walking on Clouds which would be released in the summer. They performed it mainly on the center stage, and it was quite okay. A typical A.B.C-Z song.

After that HSJ came running onto the stage again, and now they were wearing red costumes. They were so cute during Come On A My House!!! Especially the YabuYuya moment and the YamaChii moments! At one time, Yabu sent hearts to the fans.

And then there was even more cuteness overload, during サム&ピンキー. How can they be so incredibly cute?! A.B.C-Z and Sexy Zone joined them for this song (both groups had changed outfits), and everyone jumped onto carts that had small houses on them. At one point, I'm not sure what happened but Yabu missed the beginning of his lines, and both he and Hasshi (they were on the same cart) laughed a lot, so I think it's safe to blame it on Hasshi..!

I don't remember much from 花えがお and スナップ except that they were good songs. Then they sang the chorus of Come On A My House again before the MC started. They talked about the stage, about how cool and different it was - with fans in the middle as well - and that it was scary to be up on the sky stage. They also mentioned that the toy train was much fun! The next segment I didn't really catch what it was about, but then they talked about the new HS7 song Just For You, and what the title means... Keito had to come to the rescue and translate, as usual. They also discussed the furitsuke for Come On A My House where you wave to someone to come into your house. Hikaru said "We wave to the fans to come to us, and the fans wave to us to come to them - who is actually inviting who??" Yabu answered something like "We invite each other to our house that we have in common, since during the concert we're all together".

Yabu and Hikaru also discussed one time when they were going to go snowboarding, I think it was for a TV show (must have been Yan Yan JUMP), and Hikaru demonstrated standing on the snowboard but Yabu seemed to just think it was embarrassing. Yamada left the stage in the middle of the MC, but returned towards the end of it and had changed outfit. We sang Happy Birthday for him, since he turned 20 years old just a week earlier, and he said this was the first day he was working since he turned 20. He also said something about hoping he'd be taller by now. But then Chinen was so cute and pointed at the Tokyo Tower and Sky Tree painted on the decor, saying that he thought they seemed shorter now than before. Yamada received a birthday gift from Hikaru too, a painting he'd made. Yabu told him how happy and excited Hikaru had been backstage before the concert about this gift, like "I've made a gift for Yamada!!". The funny moment was when Yamada noticed Hikaru's autograph on the back of the picture and showed it to the audience, but Hikaru told him to turn the picture side towards the audience again..!

After the MC, Yamada had a solo corner. He commented on performing all alone in Tokyo Dome, such a huge arena, and then he sang 愛のかたまり and ミステリーヴァージン. He did it so well, and I love his dancing. And his voice! At the end of ミステリーヴァージン he did such a cute face at the "honto no egao" part, I almost died again!

Next was another BEST corner. They sang their new song スクランブル, and had these cool costumes - black with neon green stripes and marks that glowed in the dark, because the arena was made darker during most of the song. I liked the song too.

HS7 also had another solo corner. They instructed the audience to sing a lot of "la la la" before they started singing the song Just For You. Keito was sitting in the middle of the center stage, playing the guitar. The other three walked around him while singing. This song was really beautiful!

After this it was A.B.C-Z again. They sang My Life on the main stage, a really good song, and at the end there was some acrobatics too. Tsuka-chan did this really complicated twist spin, and my friend (who had never seen them before) caught her breath while he did it and was sooo impressed, and I was sooo proud of Tsuka-chan who is so skilful! Then Sexy Zone appeared again and sang Lady ダイヤモンド and Sexy Summerに雪が降る on the center stage. It's always so cute when Shori says "Merry Christmas" in that last song!

Now, time for HSJ again and the new song BOUNCE. First there were a lot of "Hey!", then there were a lot of "Bounce!" together with the audience, and then they performed the song on the main stage with lots of fire effects. Both the song and the dance was so cool! And since I hadn't watched the May broadcast of Shounen Club, this was the first time I saw this song being performed. I had just heard about it - and it really was as good as everyone had said!

Next was Beat Line. They ran to the small stages, and in the middle of the song someone handed Yuto a drum to carry and play on, so he played it for the rest of the song. He's so good! My friend was very impressed yet again, and I was sooo proud of him! My drummer boy!

After Beat Line they sang 「ありがとう」~世界のどこにいても~ which is a really cool song live. But for some reason Yabu skipped his lines and instead just shouted "TOKYO!!!"

During the intro for the JUMP Band section, Yuto had a drum solo. He decided to show just how good he is, so he threw one of his drumsticks into the air and meant to catch it again - but he dropped it! He grinned and pulled out a new one from somewhere and then he gave his all playing his drum solo. Then the rest of HSJ joined him with instruments - all of them! Hikaru played the bass, Keito the guitar, Yabu also played the guitar, Inoo played the trumpet some time in the beginning and the rest of the time he played the keyboard. Chinen played the organ, Daiki and Takaki played percussion and Yamada played the saxophone. I think it's awesome that all of them can play instruments.

I don't remember anything from TO THE TOP and Hero. During Dash!! Yuto, Inoo, Hikaru and Keito kept playing their instruments, but Hikaru and Keito could walk around the arena with their instruments, and everyone else also walked around the arena. During the song, Yamada was given his saxophone and he played it for a bit again. Then they made us energetically chant "JUMP! JUMP! Hey Say JUMP!" to prepare for Magic Power. I love that song sooo much! It's so happy and fun and wonderful!

The next song was the last of the main show - it was a ballad, New Hope~こんなに僕らは一つ~. It was so beautiful!! Unfortunately, they didn't seem to have rehearsed it well enough, because they had an a capella ending with only Yabu and Yamada, and it was quite out of tune... Too bad, because the rest of the song was perfect!

All members each held a short speech thanking us for our support and for coming to the show. I remember that Yabu sounded really out of breath. I think it was Chinen who said "Bye bye!" - it was very cute. Everyone left the stage, but then they appear on the sky stage right away, singing Your Seed. Next, Sexy Zone sang BAD BOYS on the sky stage, and then A.B.C-Z sang Za ABC~5stars~ on the sky stage. The next song was one of the best moments of the show! Yuma was there!!!! They had pulled him with them, and made him sing with Yamada and Chinen even though he wore casual clothes. They sang よく遊びよく学べ, so I got a real NYC performance! So happy! Yuma looked so good - he got really dark hair now, not black but almost, and a rather strange haircut with long bangs - but he looked so good!! And at one point, the three of them got together in the middle of the sky stage, and Yamada put his arm around Yuma! *aww*

Then the rest of HSJ also appeared on the sky stage, and they sang 情熱JUMP, and all the groups walked back and forth along the sky stage, waving both to the fans on the top level and the fans below. Takaki and Tsuka-chan came all the way to our end so I could see them clearly. And Yuma also came all the way to our end and waved down towards us! I think I might have screamed his name rather loud at that point... They also sang 真夜中のシャドーボーイ on the sky stage, and Yamada was so cuuuute when he came over to our end of the stage, put his arms against the railing and just stood there for a while looking cool.

After this song, A.B.C-Z and Sexy Zone appeared on the center stage again, and they sang SUMMARY. Towards the end of the song HSJ joined them. I think it was during this song that a lot of people rode on the toy train? I think it was Shori, Yasui, Hasshi was at the back, Kento, Fuma and then one more. Shori stood up halfway into the ride and Yasui rose a little and tried to pull him back down, but he refused so Yasui jumped off instead...

Then they all sang 冒険ライダー while everyone was riding the carts with houses on again. At the end, the last cart passed us, and Tsuka-chan and Fuma both were in that cart. Right in front of us they kissed each other! Like, for real, riiiiight next to the mouth!! WHO got the idea of putting them in the same cart?? I'm not sure about my reaction to that, but I'm leaning towards being thankful... Those two, they're just... adorable, and so much alike!

Lastly, HSJ thanked everyone who had joined them on the stage: the juniors, Yasui, Jesse, some more that I don't remember. Yuma got a special big thank you as the last person to be thanked. Aww! Then they thanked Sexy Zone and A.B.C-Z, we did the HSJ call, and then they left the stage.

We got another encore - a reprise of Come On A My House. They walked around the arena throwing signed balls to the audience. Yabu threw one ball with such force that I'm glad no one got hit in the head by it - that person would have been knocked out! And then Takaki also threw one ball with so much force! There was another HSJ call, and then it was all finished for real. And when Yabu was leaving the stage he was jumping side-ways aaaall the way around the outer runway to the main stage, the silly boy, haha!

A few more details that I remember, but I don't remember exactly when they happened:
- Yabu seemed to have a difficult time staying on his feet, since one time when he was running from the VIP seats he almost stumbled and fell again!
- at one point when Sexy Zone and A.B.C-Z were supposed to leave the stage, Fuma was at the wrong end of the stage and realized it very late, so he ran like crazy across the whole stage to not be too late leaving it!

I was so happy about going to this concert! During the year I'd started liking Hey! Say! JUMP so much, and I started feeling that I wouldn't be completely satisfied with my time in Japan if I didn't get to see them during their tour. They really are adorable, and so fantastic!

Set List

01. Ultra Music Power
02. Dreams come true
03. 勇気100%
04. スクール革命
06. 瞳のスクリーン
07. OVER
08. 愛ing~アイシテル~
09. つなぐ手と手
10. スクールデイズ (BEST)
12. 脳内☆Dance (HS7)
13. ガンバレッツゴー! (HS7)
MC: congratulations to Sexy Zone
14. Real Sexy! (Sexy Zone)
15. Born in the EARTH
16. 僕はVampire
18. Walking on Clouds (A.B.C-Z)
19. Come On A My House
20. サム&ピンキー
21. 花えがお
22. スナップ (BEST)
23. Come On A My House (chorus only)
24. 愛のかたまり (Yamada solo)
25. ミステリーヴァージン (Yamada solo)
26. スクランブル (BEST)
27. Just For You (HS7)
28. My Life (A.B.C-Z)
29. Lady ダイヤモンド (Sexy Zone)
30. Sexy Summerに雪が降る (Sexy Zone)
32. Beat Line
33. 「ありがとう」~世界のどこにいても~
35. Hero
36. Dash!!
37. Magic Power
38. New Hope~こんなに僕らは一つ~
Encore 1:
39. Your Seed
40. BAD BOYS (Sexy Zone)
41. Za ABC~5stars~ (A.B.C-Z)
42. よく遊びよく学べ (NYC)
43. 情熱JUMP
44. 真夜中のシャドーボーイ
46. 冒険ライダー
Encore 2:
47. Come One A My House
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