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Sexy Zone Japan Tour - Yokohama - May 4, 2013

This was another concert that I hadn't really planned on going to, but ended up getting the chance and I took it. And it turned out to be one of the better concerts I've been to! It was cute, it was fun, it was - typically Sexy Zone.

I went to the first show of the day, and thought that I would safely have enough time to buy my goods by the time I got there - but it turned out otherwise... The goods line and different lines for entering the arena was very confusing! At first I just walked around trying to figure out where I was supposed to go. Then when I had found a line which some said was for the goods, after a while someone told me that line was supposedly only for those with seated tickets? And I had a standing ticket, so I decided to go look for my line... When I found it everything was neatly arranged - we were waiting in blocks, ordered by number on the ticket, all fair. But I still didn't have any goods... When we were finally let inside 20 minutes before the show I was slightly panicking! XD I hurried off to the indoors goods table, but they had separated the penlight and the pamphlet, so I only got the penlight and hurried to find my spot. Unfortunately, there were two rows of standing audience, and I ended up on the second line - a mini disaster for me, being so short... But even though I watched most of the concert standing on my toes to see between the two girls in front of me, and a lot of the concert through my binoculars because I was quite far from the stage, I had a blast! The show was awesome!

Since I'd never been to a Sexy Zone concert before, and they weren't in Johnnys' World when I went to see it in January, and I hadn't even watched any of their DVDs - I didn't know at all what to expect. I'd only seen them perform a few songs at a time - the longest performance I'd seen was the first one, at Jingugaien hanabi the year before (and that was the turning point for me - that was when I realized that Sexy Zone are "actually pretty good" - by the time I went to this YokoAri concert I was very excited about going to see them "for real" finally). So I was standing there, feeling the energy from all the fans around me (most of them seemed to be younger than me...) and just tried to take it all in.

And then they were there! Marius and Sou were running around on the runways in the arena together with the juniors and danced on the center stage, while Kento, Fuma and Shori appeared in baskets on the main stage. It was like metal arms with a basket on each, where they were standing. Looked kind of sci-fi to me... The first song was Sexy Zone (Shori did the "You are sexy!" version of his talk part). They were wearing their light blue costumes, Kento, Fuma and Shori had coats with white feathers too. I was so happy that I had the penlight, because there were so many opportunities to use it during the concert! And it was so fun!

The next song was Sexy Summerに雪が降る which is a special song to me - they just released it when I saw them live for the first time and I remember being amazed at their Christmas costumes in August... But now they still had their blue costumes. They all danced on the main stage, which had stairs in the middle with a platform on top, and to the left was a staircase S, to the right was a staircase Z, and during the concert these changed colors.

Next they jumped into four carts (Marius and Sho shared one) and went around in the audience while singing Lady ダイヤモンド. They even came in between the sections of the first balcony where I was standing! Then at the end they all gathered the carts by the second stage (at the far end from the main stage). And Fuma wouldn't stop ruffling Marius' hair! It was so cute! But Marius seemed quite annoyed after some time...

I loved the next performance! It was スキすぎて, one of my favorite SZ songs. The performance was really fun. They started on the second stage and had mic stands. During the chorus when they do this hand movement, Kento was doing it in like twice or three times the speed compared to the rest, it was hilarious! Then they started walking around the arena with the mic stands, stopping here and there and singing the chorus before switching places again. Shori was usually just dragging his mic stand behind him, but Fuma was carrying his mic stand in a really cool way across his shoulders. *cool guy is cool*

For the next song, With you, they removed their coats and walked around the whole arena waving to fans. Loved this song too! Too bad I was so far from the stages, I still couldn't see them very clearly even when they passed my section... During this song they also did the Sexy Zone call where they shout "sexy" and the fans reply "zone", like 'sexy' 'ZONE' 'sexy' 'ZONE' 'sexy sexy sexy' 'ZONE!' or something like that. At the end they jumped into the carts again for the next song, I see the light~僕たちのステージ~. It's such a beautiful song, and they did the lighting of the arena so beautiful too! The lights on the main stage where like blue/white, but the rest of the arena was completely dark except for all the penlights. So beautiful! And when they reached the main stage at the end there were so many juniors dressed in white dancing behind them. Kento, Fuma and Shori left the stage early to change costumes, and Marius and Sho held another short welcome speech.

Time for the cool guys! BAD BOYS, complete with the black/red costumes, smoke and fire. It was awesome!! The sexy dance moves - the hips!! I just love this performance to bits! Especially the Kento/Shori part where they get close... Then in another explosion of fire they ran out to the center stage and the whole arena was just red lights and smoke and fire!

Before the next song they had a section with only dancing, and Marius and Sou (now dressed in sparkly red costumes) joined them on the center stage. The lighting effects and the style of dancing made it very cool-looking. Then it faded into IF YOU WANNA DANCE. They spread out along the center runway, and in the middle of the song sections of it were raised into the air on different levels, and they danced upon one section each. I really liked that, because it was easier to see them when they were higher up in the air!

Next they introduced some of the juniors, before the juniors with the huge lollipops and Kento appeared on the main stage. Some of the juniors got to introduce themselves a little more and there was some chatting. And then Kento instructed us to shout "LOVE KENTY!" after he sings "CA~NDY", and he started singing CANDY~Can U be my BABY~. It's such a silly and cute song! Halfway through the song he stopped and said he thought we didn't shout loud enough. So he brought Jinguiji forward to let him demonstrate how it should be done. The first time, Jinguji just said "love Kenty..." really quiet while laughing, so Kento slapped him and told him "hey, I couldn't hear that"! So the second time, Jinguji shouted "LOVE KENTY!!!" really loudly into his mic. "Everyone, please shout loudly like that!" Kento said, and finished the song.

Here was a short segment where Kento did a pull-the-cloth-from-the-table trick. He succeeded, and then he used the cloth to disappear from the stage and Shori appeared from the cloth instead! Shori was dressed in such a lovely yellow costume. His solo was called おなじ空の下 and I loved it. In the middle of the song the music changed into a march, and he marched together with a group of juniors to the center stage, and he finished the song on the second stage in a rain of sparkly confetti!

Next was Marius and Sou together with Sexy Boyz, singing Don't Stop Sexy Boyz! It was followed by ベイサイドエレジー which was such a weird performance. Marius, Jinguji and one more - I don't remember if it was Sou or a junior - each had a camera. Kento, Shori and Fuma were sitting on chairs on the main stage for most of the performance, and those three with cameras were filming them, really close and stuff, and their recordings were shown on the screens. Jinguji was mostly filming Fuma, that guy I don't remember was filming Kento and Marius was filming Shori. Kento and Fuma had horrible costumes, haha! Only Shori's costume was okay. I felt a little sorry for the younger guys though, because Kento and Fuma did all these sexy moves for the cameras - at the end I think even Marius was exposed to that because they switched places... There were sexy moves and hip thrusts and partial stripping..! Only Shori didn't do anything particularly sexy in front of the cameras... I love his cute image, compared to the sexy image of Kento and Fuma (which I also love, but I like the difference between them).

Shori introduced the next song: キミのため ボクがいる. I was so happy! It's one of my absolute favorite songs, all categories! And then they started walking around and waving to all the fans again, singing 勇気100%.

After that song it was time for the MC. I remember they made Marius say a lot of things in English. And for some reason they started talking about Yamada and singing part of the chorus of ミステリーヴァージン. They also mentioned the live-limited plastic bag you got with a post card if you buy their new single at an arena during the tour. It's got a nice print of Sexy Zone on one side, and I was almost thinking of buying the single after the show, but I didn't bring enough money... I just had enough to buy the pamphlet after the show ended. Back to the MC: Marius did some promotion for the DVD Kodomo keishi. And of course the others had to tease him for his pronounciation of "DVD and Blue-ray"... At the end of the MC, they showed us a short video with clips from upcoming episodes of BAD BOYS J - and it looked like Tsukasa was kissing Youji?!

But the big news during the MC was that Sexy Zone will get their own fan club!! They said it is still being prepared, but that we could look forward to it.

The second part of the show started with 名前のない想い. It was very beautiful, Kento started singing alone on the main stage, and I love his voice, then he left the stage when Fuma appeared on the platform on the main stage, wearing a sparkly red costume, to sing the second half of the song. The song then turned into 君と...Milky way (omg, the feels!!! I can't explain why I love this song soooo much!!). Kento and Shori had also changed into the sparkly red costumes, Kento was playing the piano and Shori was standing in front of him. Then during the song, Shori and Fuma walked up into the huge S and the huge Z. All the while, Marius and Sou were sitting in the stairs in the middle of the stage.

Next was a junior corner. They performed a medley of MUSIC FOR THE PEOPLE and BEAT YOUR HEART. Then Marius and Sou (now wearing pink costumes) joined the juniors, and they sang Dancin' in the Secret. Now the other three finally appeared again, wearing the Real Sexy! costumes, and they performed Real Sexy! Those costumes are among my favorite costumes of all time, not just among SZ costumes but among Johnny's costumes. All of them are beautiful, but especially Kento really looks like a fairytale prince in his blue costume!

They kept wearing the same costumes for the next two songs: We can be one and Knock! Knock!! Knock!!!

I just have to post another photo of Kento looking like a prince!

Then everyone disappeared from the stage, and the arena went pitch-black so we could clearly see the neon-bright objects that some juniors were holding while dancing on the main stage as an intro (which sounded very much like the intro for DIAMOND from PLAYZONE the year before!) for Fuma's solo: FaKe. That song is very different from most other SZ songs, but I really liked it! It fits Fuma very well. He was wearing a bright neon yellow and black hoodie, and I actually like his special voice a lot. Before the concert I was mostly just interested in Kento and Shori, but Fuma was quickly growing on me, and by the time his solo came I was kinda hooked on him as well! Not as much as with Kento and especially Shori, but I like Fuma a lot too now. His FaKe solo was amazing. I liked the song, I liked the performance, I liked the dance - with sexy hip rolls!

Then a single junior dressed in white entered the second stage and danced all alone for a short while, as an intro for Silver Moon. Sexy Zone appeared wearing their white and black costumes, and halfway through the song they went again to the sections of the center runway that were raised into the air while they were dancing. During the next two songs, half of Justいましかない and then 完全マイウェイ (another two favorite songs of mine!), they were running around in the arena again and waved to fans. They were doing that a lot really during this concert, and I was happy for all the fans who were close enough to be waved at.

The last song of the main show was 今日はありがとう and it was so beautiful! I got all teary-eyed while they were singing. Halfway through the song Kento, Fuma and Shori jumped into the baskets on arms on the main stage again. They thanked all the fans for coming to the show and left the stage.

But of course we got encores! The first was 風をきって, yay!! During this song Kento, Fuma and Shori went in carts along the top floor. Marius and Sou went in carts on the arena floor. The second song was High!! High!! People and all of them were walking around in the arena, throwing signed balls to the fans. They did the Sexy Zone call with the fans, and released streamers from the ceiling.

Then when I thought it was all over, we got a second encore! They entered the stage again and did a reprise of Real Sexy! Yay! I love that song!

I'm so happy I went to this concert! I had so much fun, and I can hardly believe myself when I say that. When I came to Japan in July 2012 I looked at a promotion board for their single released a few months earlier and said "Isn't it time to change that board into something more current? I don't get it why Sexy Zone are everywhere. And what's with that name? 'Sexy Zone', hah!" 10 months later I went to this concert, sang along with the songs, did the furitsuke, screamed for my favorite members just like everyone else did, and had a really great time. All the things I thought about them earlier are forgotten - I have now realized how good they actually are, and why they are so popular. It's funny how things change... I can't wait until I get to see them again!

Set List

01. Sexy Zone
02. Sexy Summerに雪が降る
03. Lady ダイヤモンド
04. スキすぎて
05. With you
06. I see the light~僕たちのステージ~
07. BAD BOYS (Kento, Fuma, Shori)
09. CANDY~Can U be my BABY~ (Kento solo)
10. おなじ空の下 (Shori solo)
11. Don't Stop Sexy Boyz! (Marius, Sou, Jrs)
12. ベイサイドエレジー
13. キミのため ボクがいる
14. 勇気100%
15. 名前のない想い
16. 君と...Milky way
18. Dancin' in the Secret (Marius, Sou, Jrs)
19. Real Sexy!
20. We can be one
21. Knock! Knock!! Knock!!!
22. FaKe (Fuma solo)
23. Silver Moon
24. Justいましかない
25. 完全マイウェイ
26. 今日はありがとう
Encore 1:
27. 風をきって
28. High!! High!! People
Encore 2:
29. Real Sexy!
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